In a group there are always people to have better leadership skills

In a group, there are always people to have better leadership skills then others. The most powerful of these people can easily sway the weaker people into following them. However, the strongest person is not necessarily the best leader as it is proven in William Golding’s book, Lord of the Flies. Although Jack is stronger, Ralph is able to show a better understanding of people and doesn’t want a savage society on the island. A leader is a person who leads or commands a group, or an organization.

This defines Ralph perfectly because he does exactly that, he uses the conch to command and gather the boys together for meetings and is always the one to speak of new ideas. In the start of the book, Ralph and Jack run against each other for chief of the island but Ralph wins which causes a lot of conflict because both boys believe they are the best fit. As the journey goes on the two boys are constantly having destructive criticism and can never seem to find common ground.

What seperates a good leader is someone who cares for the greater good of the group and their well being rather than just caring about themselves.

By setting rules, Ralph is keeping everyone in order like a true leader would do. Ralph creates a method of organization by using the conch to get all the boys in an organized group. He creates a rule that whoever is holding the conch, no one else can talk.

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When people obeyed this rule it created a limitation to everyone talking over each other. “I’ll give the conch to the next person to speak. He can hold it when he’s speaking… And he won’t be interrupted. Except by me.”(33). Ralph is already looking out for other people by trying to be innovative with valuable items on the island early into the journey to keep a civilized society. Adding to his great leadership, Ralph also enforces rules to keep the fire burning on top on the mountain because he believes it’s the only way of being rescued. When all of the boys were gathered around for a meeting an idea sparked in Ralph’s head to make a smoky fire as a rescue signal. After a while the boys realized that the fire isn’t creating any smoke and a whole lot of chaos started to irrupt. Jack outraged and started calling Piggy out because he didn’t do anything to help. Ralph takes charge and says, “We’ve got to have special people for looking after the fire. Any day there may be a ship out there”—he waved his arm at the taut wire of the horizon—“and if we have a signal going they’ll come and take us off. And another thing. We ought to have more rules. Where the conch is, that’s a meeting. The same up here as down there.”(42). Ralph knows that in order to maintain a civilized society there need to be restrictions put into place.

Ralph remains a great leader to the boys who decide to stay with him during times of anarchy. Jack demonstrates bad leadership roles by creating his own government which creates chaos because he lures more than half of the group. On the island without any parent supervision, the boys start to fade away from who they really are and become primitive, however, Ralph continues to carry out new ideas to his small group. When Jack’s group of people lost control and killed Simon, Ralph is the only one who can realistically evaluate their actions. When Ralph and Piggy were discussing about the tragedy that happened Ralph is the only one to realize, “That was murder”(156). Even though Piggy denies it and doesn’t like the way Ralph is talking, as devastating of a moment it was, as a leader Ralph had to put the bad things behind and focus on the important goal which was to create and find rescue for all the boys.

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In a group there are always people to have better leadership skills
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