Since Organizations Obtain Resource

When organizational behavior researchers collect data in real-life organizational settings, the research method of case studies is being used. Question 3 Demographic trends indicate that, in the future, people of color will constitute the majority of the U. S. Population.

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True Question 4 The proportion of African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians in the labor force is increasing.

Question 5 Laboratory studies are being used when organizational behavior researchers collect ATA in simulated and controlled settings. Question 6 psychology, sociology, criminal Justice, and anthropology.

Question 7 Today’s labor force is composed of fewer women than in prior years. Question 8 According to Archie Carroll, an immoral manager does not subscribe to ethical principles, but instead makes decisions and acts to take best personal advantage of a situation.

Commonly used organizational behavior research methods include case studies, survey studies, meta analyses, field studies, and laboratory studies. Question 10 Organizational behavior clearly indicates that managers should be held accountable or task performance results, but not Job satisfaction results.

Question 1 1 According to Archie B. Carroll, the majority of managers are: amoral. Question 12 Important dimensions of emotional intelligence include all of the following human skills EXCEPT: technical skill.

Question 13 The following statements are accurate descriptions of the evolution of the scientific study of organizations EXCEPT: the primary focus on the human factor began in the 18th century. Question 14 for accomplishing them, they are engaged in which management function? Planning Question 15 Since organizations obtain resource inputs from the environment and transform hem into outputs that are returned to the environment in the form of finished goods or services, they may be viewed as: open systems.

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Question 16 From its scientific heritage, organizational behavior has developed all of the following EXCEPT: an emphasis on finding the “one best way” to complete a task. All of the following are examples of organizations EXCEPT: a government representative. Question 18 Henry Integers identified a set of roles that managers perform. These roles are grouped into which of the following three categories? Interpersonal, informational, and decisional Question 19 According to Robert Katz, the essential skills of management can be grouped into which of the following three categories?

Technical, human, and conceptual Question 20 Suppose a manager starts an affirmative action program to increase opportunities for minority advancement and then clearly and convincingly communicates the objectives of the program to all employees. By doing this the manager gains their support and participation. This manager is engaged in which management function? Leading Question 21 A collection of people working together in a division of labor to achieve a common purpose refers to a(n): organization.

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