Television has changed alot since its Golden Days 

Television is essential to most homes and families. Many people came together to watch their favorite show and or movie. So how did it start? How did such a powerful tool become the most wanted electronic item? Well, it all started way back when, September 7, 1927, to be exact. Created by a young man in San Francisco, Philo Taylor Farnsworth. Ironically at the age of 21, Farnsworth had never even touched technology until he was 14 years of age. Yes, 14.

The pioneer of TV had no electricity until he was 14.

One fateful day in a high school class Farnsworth thought about “it”. A system able to transmit and “capture” moving lights, actions, and sounds into a tiny little box able to showcase its wonderful, even miraculous characteristics. Another man Boris Rosing had also experimented with the idea. Both men worked vigorously to accomplish their hopes and dreams to create their own Frankenstein of reusing the actions and sounds of the actors and actresses on the screen.

Yet in the end, Farnsworth is credited with the success of the creation of television and dubbed the “ancestor” of television.

The popularity and success of the little old wooden brown box were not… good, well at least not at first. Many religious people thought of it as a demonic way to see Satan. Yes, that is what some people actually thought. According to Mr. Andrew Anthony at the prestigious British paper “The Guardian” “ One of the most extraordinary aspects of television is its ability to trump reality, if seeing is believing then there’s always a troubling doubt until you’ve seen it on TV”.

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What that means is that when we hear or learn about something where do we usually go to? Well, the people in this generation either check-in social media or watch a show that specializes in reporting events.

Until you see it on a screen you do not believe what you hear. Well, how did that come to pass? how did such a hated tool become our main source of information? Shocking, right? That one of the most powerful tools was once hated? Well, Everything will not be loved by everyone! That is just common sense. Yet, back in the ’20s, there was a huge backlash against the electronic so-called “miracle” item. It was not a big bang at first. Other Non-religious people believed that television was used by the government to brainwash citizens. “ burned the TVs as a way to boycott and rebel the new item” (“Reality TV” page 77).

Ever since TV had been first showcased in London, people got bored. In such an age of discovery, it got…dull. Until in January when “Members of the Royal Institution of Great Britan witnessed the world’s first public demonstration of live television”. A momentous occasion for a revolutionary device. After the live broadcasting, many great things came to pass in the next decade, the 30’s. From the iconic cartoon “Betty Boop” making her first appearance in “Dizzy Dishes”, to the beginning of the very first “FIFA World Cup” held in Uruguay. The first successful solo around the world flight is accomplished by Wiley Post. All of these were amazing things that happened in the ’30s. One key thing that changed the course of the century is the great depression. Radios and television kept the sanity of the minds of people. Distracting them from the disasters around. The hate lingering in the 20’s was practically no more! “Television use has come to the point where we cannot easily be separated from the rest of everyday life” (Grinsraff and Tarrow page 177).

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Television has changed alot since its Golden Days 
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