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During my last year in Japan before moving to South Carolina I was able to take a trip to one of the greatest museums in japan which was the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Throughout my life I never really had a deep appreciation for art I just looked at it as another job or class. But the many experiences I’ve now had with art I can confidently ay from here on in my life I have a great appreciation for art and understand and accept knew its importance.

Art allows us to express so much more than normal language and communication can allow. Words can only take you so far but art is limitless. Art is a reminder of the beautiful aspects of the world and of humanity. I feel art is an extension to human communication as an arm is an extension to the body.

Having an art class and being in an art club throughout my middle and high school years in Japan I was grateful for the opportunity to be able to travel throughout Japan and seeing many art exhibits and Museums.

I feel the majority of the museums in Japan do a great job reflecting the culture and but also showing off western and European art. Many of the classical paintings in the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum have a very unique feel to it you can see the emotion within each painting, the traditional clothing and the tiny detail, the skill and technique that goes into each painting each stroke on the brush I thought conveyed precision and dedication.

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These art events I was able attend throughout my time here was able to break me out of a shell that I viewed art from. I use to look at artwork from a single point not ever seeing that there was always reason behind each work. That each person put in time for their designs and that there is always a story to why it’s done this way. During my trip to Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum I was able to meet Yoshikazu. I enjoyed hearing him speak because I feel he had one of the most unique perspectives about art. As he was describing his work and what led him to designing it he said something that I feel will stick with me forever. His work was based on the fact that humans are emotional beings and that many of the great artist that we know was at one point moved and inspired because of someone else’s work. Yoshikazu was lighthearted and truly loved art his words were inspirational and definitely something I will treasure.

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Work Experience Since Graduating From High School
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