Humanities 202 Midterm

The term that most accurately describes Parimigianino’s Madonna of the Long Neck is

The founding figure of the Society of Jesus was

One of the most influential Baroque artists was_, the designer of the piazza in front of St. Peter’s Basilica

Italian baroque churches are characterized by all of the following except
Minimal ornamentation

Which influential handbook reflected the mysticism and militancy of the Jesuit order
Spiritual exercises

Of Bernini’s Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, it is correct to say that it was
All these answer are correct

Whose “music of mystic serenity” captured the conservative quality of the Catholic Reformation

The term, “baroque” in painting comprises all of the following except
Strict compositional symmetry

Which of the genres in which Rembrandt worked was the most lucrative for the Dutch painter
group portraiture

Both Donne and Wren were associated with the Jesuit order
Church of Saint Paul’s in London

In the 17th century England, the influential Calvinists who called for churchly reform were known as

Academic art, as envisioned by Louis XIV and his followers, depended primarily on
Neoclassical principles

A leading figure in the evolution of academic art was

The Dutch painter Maria van Oosterwyck and other female artists excelled in which genre
still life painting

Milton’s Paradise Lost is a landmark epic that
Describes the fall of Adam and Eve

The plays of Moliere
All these answers are correct.

The first permanent orchestra in Europe was established by

The text of an opera is found in its

Both El Greco and Velazquez served in the courts of

Bach’s cantatas were largely based on
Lutheran chorales

In the 17th century, Cremona, Italy, was the world center for the manufacture of

Giovanni Gabrieli came to be celebrated for his
Clear and simple religious music

The Baroque era represents a turning point in music because it witnessed the
All these answers are correct

Romanticism might be said to have rebelled against all of the following except

The landmark work that marked the birth of the Romantic movement in England was William Wordsworth’s
Lyrical ballads

By “sublime”, romantics like Wordswoth were referring to
Awe-inspiring nature

Whose “Ode on a Grecian Urn” concludes that “Beauty is truth, truth beauty”

Goethe’s hero, Faust, is symbolic of the Western
Urge to transcend limitations

Darwin contributed to Darwin contributed
the study of biology chiefly by
Developing the theory of natural selection.

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J. M. W. Turner, John Constable, and Thomas Cole were all noted painters of
natural landscapes.

The American writer Henry Thoreau
valued nature as a source of instruction.

One of the main characteristics of Whitman’s landmark poetry is that it
is written in free verse.

Which of the following people is considered to be one of the first Realists in the English novel-writing tradition?
Jane Austen

Which of the following persons was a male counterpart to the abolitionist Sojourner Truth

Which of the following statements about George Catlin is FALSE?
He used his paintings to garner support for the government’s policy of relocating Native Americans to reservations.

Goya immortalized the history of the French occupation of Spain in a landmark series of etchings and aquatints known as
The Disasters of War.

Which of the following former slaves learned to write and personally authored a memoir with his or her own hand
Frederick Douglass

A hallmark of Delacroix’s style is
pictorial license

In Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People, the artist featured those whom he considered the heroes of revolutionary France, including
members of the middle and working classes

London’s Houses of Parliament are a landmark example of

In Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People, the artist featured those whom he considered the heroes of revolutionary France, including
members of the middle and working classes

London’s Houses of Parliament are a landmark example of

In his landmark symphonies, Beethoven made use of
All these answers are correct.

Of nineteenth-century music, it is correct to say that
the orchestra grew to grand proportions.

The independent art song originated by Franz Schubert that united music and poetry was called the

Romantic ballets such as La sylphide derived their plot lines from
fairy tales and folk legends.

The most famous paintings of Géricault and Goya depicted
current events.

Which of the following best describes the Romantic architecture at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton
Eastern exotic

The nineteenth century was an important time in African history because
All these answers are correct.

Which of the following was NOT a major factor in the onset of European expansion
imitation of China’s maritime achievements

In African tradition, kinship extended to all of the following EXCEPT
all African peoples.

The name “Sudan” means
land of the blacks

The dominant element in African music is

The earliest West African kingdom was that of

When the Europeans arrived in Africa,
slaves were already being traded between African and Muslim dealers

In African cultural history, the griot was a

The bronze head of the oba of Benin is a landmark that
illustrates the African mastery of casting metal

Which of the following is NOT a distinctive feature of African music?
melodic lyrics

The Spanish troops led by Cortés were most critical of Aztec
kinship systems

The Spanish troops led by Cortés were most critical of Aztec
kinship systems

Francis Bacon called the false dogmas or teachings that hindered clear thinking

In his Novum Organum, Bacon objected to
an overreliance on inductive reasoning.

Diderot’s Encyclopedia was
the largest compendium of knowledge produced in the West

Which of the following men was NOT a significant figure in the movement known as the Scientific Revolution

Descartes’ proposition, “I think, therefore I am,” demonstrated
a premise he could not doubt

The French salon, center of intellectual debate, was often organized by

“Whatever is, is right” reflects the philosophic optimism of

The philosophic optimism of Enlightenment figures was satirized in Candide and other writings by

Which of the following statements about the French Revolution is FALSE
It served as a model for the American Revolution that shortly followed

All of the following figures are generally considered painters of the Rococo style EXCEPT

Which of the following is NOT one of the three parts of the traditional sonata

the predominant theme of Rococo paintings was the
pursuit of pleasure

Genre painting depicts scenes of
ordinary life

The fusion of art and politics that exalted the ideal of service and sacrifice to one’s country is exemplified by which landmark
David’s The Oath of the Horatii

The works of Boucher and Watteau reflect a style
known as Rococo

Which nineteenth-century composer, who wrote the piece nicknamed “The Surprise,” is often called the “father of the symphony”
Franz Joseph Haydn

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