Haiku and Romantic poetry

Read the haiku by basho.

Awake at night,
The lamp low,
The oil freezing

The carefully selected words in this haiku create a?

A. Distressed mood
B. Cautious mood
C. Contemplative mood
D. Regretful mood



What line of poetry best imparts a reflective mood?
As the heavy snow falls, the geese recollect sun-soaked shores.

Read the haiku by Bashō.

The crane’s legs
have gotten shorter
in the spring rain.

What motif is presented in the poem?


What motif is addressed in both forms of poetry?

Read the haiku by Bashō.

A crow
has settled on a bare branch—
autumn evening.

What is the kigo in this haiku?


Read the haiku.

Many flowers bloom
But no fruit flowers in time
Bare vines remain

Which word reveals the idea of disappointment?


Ready the haiku

Birds scatter in light
Colorful specks in the air
Noisey confetti

The main feature that makes this a haiku is the use of

A 5/7/5 syllable pattern.

Read the haiku.

Each tree in the yard
Announces its vigor
With buds on each branch.

What is the kigo in this haiku?


Read the haiku by basho

Midnight frost-
I’d borrow
The scarecrow’s shirt

What is the mood of the poem?


The poem’s mood is best described as

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Haiku and Romantic poetry
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