Romantic Poetry Multiple Choice

the speaker’s questions in lines 1-2 and 9-10 suggest that the subject of “the lamb” is the
creator of the lamb

reread lines 5-8 of the chimney sweeper from songs of innocence. the author symbolizes the loss of innocence in these lines with the
shaving of tom’s head

why are the boys in Tom’s dream in the chimney sweeper from songs of innocence able to play on the green plain
an Angel unlocks their coffins that trap them

the boy says that he is alone in lines 1-4 of little boy lost because the
father walks too fast for the boy to keep up

the questions in lines 5-8 of the tyger suggest that the
tiger is a wild and powerful force

in lines 13-16 of the tyger, the descriptions of furnaces, hammers, chains, and anvils create a sense of the
creator’s strength

which phrase best expresses the boy’s unhappiness in lines 1-4 of the chimney sweeper from songs of experience
crying weep weep

compare lines 1-4 of the two poems titled chimney sweeper.

what idea do both poems express

some parents force their children to work

what does the author show his concern for in all of the poems

where is the speaker at the beginning of lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey
in a beautiful landscape

in lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey, the speaker shows romantic poetry’s interest in the commonplace by describing
a cottage orchard with unripe fruit

notice that semicolons interrupt the main idea in lines 114-119 of lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey.

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What does this stylistic element express in the sentence

love that the speaker feels for his sister

reread lines 155-159 of lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey. In years to come, the sister will remember the
speaker’s love of this place because of her

at what time of day dies the speaker in composed over westminster bridge see the view

line 11 of westminster bridge contains inverted syntax. which is the best rewrite of this stylistic element
I never saw or felt such a calm before

what problem does the speaker identify in the world is too much with us
people have lost their connection to nature

in i wandered lonely as a cloud, the speaker finds daffodils
along the edge of the lake

which phrase from i wandered lonely as a cloud is a good example of the natural speech that romantic poets sometime used
beside the lake, beneath the trees

lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey and i wandered lonely as a cloud are similar because the speakers
value a relationship with nature

in rime of the ancient mariner, reread lines 31-38. the wedding guest beats his own breast because
he is missing the wedding

in this literary ballad, the repetition of the word ice in lines 58-60 emphasizes that the
ice completely surrounds the ship

the sailors are unable to speak in Part 2 because
thirst dries up their mouths

reread lines 162-170 and the authors margin notes to clarify the narrative’s plot. why does the sailors joy at the sight of a ship change to horror
the ship sails despite the lack of wind or tide

what has life in death won in the game of dice
the mariner’s life

what torments the mariner on the boat for a week in part 4
the stares of his dead crewmates

the mariners spring of love for living things in line 284 causes the
spell on the mariner to break

why do the spirits say that the spirit of the land of mist and snow will continue to punish the mariner
the spirit loved the bird that the mariner killed

reread lines 493-495 of this ballad. the author most likely uses the strong rhyme of these lines to
stress the supernatural quality of the beings

the mariner says that the activity that is sweeter far to him in line 602 is
praying in church with others

in the second stanza of to a mouse, the speaker describes people as
fellow creatures living on the earth

during what time of the year does to a mouse take place
early winter

in lines 21-24 of to a louse, the speaker is amazed to see the louse trying to
climb the very top of the bonnet

where is the one place in which the speaker would expect to see a louse
a ragged boy’s clothing

the animals in both poems are
causing emotions in the speakers

what has happened to the statue in ozymandias
the statue has fallen apart over time

where are the kings works that the words on the pedastal in ozymandias command people to look upon
all have been destroyed over time

the regular rhythmic pattern of iambic pentameter in line 14 of ozymandias has the effect of
emphasizing the unchanging stretch of sand

reread lines 7-11 of ode to the west wind. what brings new hope in the section
spring wind waking the earth

the event in section 2 of ode to the west wind that best reflects the violence of the poem’s historical context is the
burst of fire in a dark storm

reread line 54 of ode to the west wind. the iambic rhythmic pattern in this line emphasizes the speaker’s
actions of falling and bleeding

which expression tells you that the speaker in she walks in beauty admires the woman’s gentleness
that tender light

reread the third stanza of she walks in beauty. what main idea does the stanza structure allow this sestet to emphasize
the speaker admires the woman’s goodness

what sight in nature inspires the speaker in when i have fears that I may cease to be
a night sky full of stars and clouds

if you paraphrase line 14 of when i have fears that I may cease to be, the result of the speaker’s thinking is that
his thoughts about death make love and fame meaningless

the gods and maidens in the first stanza of ode on a grecian urn are
part of the decoration on the urn

in lines 41-50 of ode on a grecian urn, the speaker stresses the
immortality of the urn

in lines 31-35 of ode to a nightingale, the speaker will be able to join the nightingale through
writing poetry that portrays his joining the bird

in stanza 6 of ode to a nightingale, the speaker thinks a good time to die would be
at midnight while the nightingale sings

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