2. romantic and victorian poetry

One type of revolution that is not directly linked to the Romantic movement in England is a
religious revolution

Lyrical Ballads was first published in

The author of the Preface to Lyrical Ballads is
William Wordsworth

Romantic poetry is sometimes criticized because it is
too subjective

Wordsworth’s theory is that poetry is the spontaneous overflow of
powerful feelings

According to the Romantic theory, a poet creates a poem
after meditating on the subject

A goal of Romantic poetry was to write about nature only in general terms.


Romantic poetry does not regard nature as a subject to be enjoyed simply for its physical beauty.

Many Romantic poets regard nature as a means of gaining new insights into life.

Wordsworth believed that one of the best subjects for poetry was the beauty and order of life in a well-organized and technically advanced society.

As a “man speaking to men,” Wordsworth believed the poet should write in a language easily understood by common people.


All Romantic poets believed poetry should be limited to the subjects of nature and the individual poet’s experiences and feelings.

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2. romantic and victorian poetry
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