True Art of Haiku

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The following sample essay on “True Art of Haiku”: describing structure and difference between haiku on Mattson Basso’s Under Cherry Trees and Carolyn Seizer’s After Bash.

A haiku can have more beauty and thought in three short lines than any full Ii night poem has in twenty. To have something so short and so complex, only to be matched d by an even more complex pace is truly inspiring. The haiku presents intense emotion and a vivid images of nature (THAT are designed to lead) to a spiritual awakening.

At first it may seem that having such a short amount written might not give someone much to interpret, but in fact it makes the imagination run wild.

In Mattson Basso’s Under Cherry Trees he paints a beautiful picture of nature, and being among it. Bash spent many years traveling through Japan, this haiku could h eve been torn straight out of his journal, just a moment when he stopped to eat a meal, sit Eng under a cherry tree watching the petals fall, letting himself be one with his surroundings.

Wit h humble simplicity, Bash didn’t need a page to describe an event, his mastery of haiku allowed him to bring his readers into that moment, and reminded us to perceive what was be fore us, and not to over analyze.

Looking at Carolyn Seizer’s After Bash , she shows the depth of haiku with the use of metaphors. Kaiser describes the moon taking its evening position in the sky, p allied, scared, not as notable as the sun that came before, but still well known.

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In this clever meta horn she describes how a person working in the (shadows) of Mattson Bash might feel knowing t hey (would/will) be compared to the best. Finally, Sonic Sanchez C’mon man hold me , is the most complex of the three haiku (and) its magnificence lies in its complexity.

This haiku has no punctuation, it’s Ritter how someone would speak casually, and the possibilities of its meaning our endue as. One could interpret this haiku as depicting the fleeting nature of time and the last mom .NET we share with someone before we are nothing more than a memory. Haiku is the most important and beautiful form of poetry due to its complexity y and depth. Haiku poetry brings about spiritual insight of the world and of life.

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True Art of Haiku
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