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What if we Had free periods for private studying with the teachers assisting? What If we had More languages available Including sign language Corporealness ,French,German, Greek, Spanish or Russian. Vote for us and we’ll make It come true. I am the molester of education and part of the peoples party, here to tell YOU the reasons why you should vote for us.

From yr 7-9 we are to wait patiently in nice straight lines, whether it be hailing or in the scorched sun.

Even if the teachers are late, we are to still do the same. Now I’m okay with that, really I am okay with it. But when a senior student comes along and gets to enter the class next to us, that’s when I’m not okay. We’re standing here waiting and there Just sitting casually in a comfortable seat. It’s isn’t fair. From year 7 were entering a new school with, new students and new environment.

It’s already a big responsibility moving Into high school.

I’m pretty sure that we’ll be responsible to be able to sit In class. Wouldn’t you agree? After waiting outside from prep to year 6 1 think we would have enough experience Walling In two lines. What we need now Is to e able to sit In class out of the harsh weather and not be sick all the time because of that missing out on important classes. Once every week Just a period would be nice if there was a free studying period for students to go to, with teachers assisting.

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This would help students who don’t do homework at home feels more motivated.

It’s would be a quiet area Just like the one in the library for vice students, but for students from Yr 7-9. This will not also benefit students but for teachers as well. While students study, teachers can also correct students homework At the same time and have a one on one talk with students explaining what they did wrong and what to Improve on. This can also take a load of work off the teachers back and have a more time to relax Instead of rushing to get the corrections done and have students yelling when there assignments and tests are given back.

At school we have already two languages which are Chinese and Italian. Some students like learning these languages but some don’t. As the Minster of education I believe we should have more Of a variety to choose from. After searching around on the Internet I have found top 10 languages students want to learn which are listed in the brochure that has been handed down. If students simply don’t want to learn a new language we are offering Sign language. Sign language can be useful to have and can be seen as a deferent perspective.

It’ll be fun and a new way of learning different signs to help communicate with one another. This way you will be still learning a language which you can enjoy, befitting you and your education. In year 7 If students aren’t sure what language they want to choose, we can help you that Is If you vote for us. We can Help you choose up to four languages and try each one every term to see which one you would like the most to follow up into year 8 everyone of you.

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