White Education V.S. Black Education

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It is believed by many Americans that segregation does not exist in the United States anymore, but sadly it still does. In our school systems, people of color or from different racial backgrounds have a lesser chance of graduating from high school than a white child. A visual interpretation of this would be “Graduation rates vary greatly by state and race. Nationwide, black students graduated at a rate of 69 percent; Hispanics graduated at 73 percent; whites graduated at a rate of 86 percent.

”(Governing the States and Localities)There is a wide gap between black students and white student graduation rates.

Reasons for this could be that the student lives in a poorer area and has a poor school district, or that their school cannot afford better supplies for their students. Because of these reasons, they tend to drop out since they don’t have the help to stay in school or they might be having trouble with family and/or money. How money is distributed and stretched is depended on the state government and taxes.

In addition, states receive money from the federal government to fund certain BLANKS, such as educational facilities, hospitals, and clinics. According to CPE, it states, “According to National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the national total revenues in 2012 were broken down as follows: Local government: 44.8%, State government: 45.1%, Federal government: 10.1%”(Center for Public Education).

When special elections are held for the counties, the people with more income are able to vote for higher school taxes, while the people who live in poorer areas and are working two to three jobs to get by aren’t able to, they vote for decreased school taxes.

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That’s when the Federal or State government should come in and give those areas more money or the tax should be distributed evenly among the schools. To give children of different racial backgrounds a chance to catch up to the privileged ones would be giving them a fair and better chance for their future.

There has been a slight increase in segregation between whites and minorities in schools and communities, it is not enforced segregation, but its people taking comfort by being around people that they are familiar with or their family. In any city you can see that there are sections, there is a part where many Latinos and blacks live, Irish and white, and sometimes the richer of the bunch all live in their own communities. The richer the community the better the school, the poorer the community the poorer and worse the school will be. Every parent has expectations of their child, more or less the same expectations that they had as a child. According to U.S. News, it states, “Lower expectations become self-fulfilling prophecies, contributing to lower expectations from the student, less-positive attitudes toward school, fewer out-of-school learning opportunities and less parent-child communication about school.”(Cook, 2015)

When there is a parent that works two to three jobs just to take care of her kids and feed them it’s hard, plus she has to pay the bills and try to keep her kids in school. At the end of the day, she is a tired hard working mother and might not even have the same education that other more well off mother had/has. She might have not finished school because she had low expectations as a child or dropped out because she had to help her family financially or was in a bad situation. It also states, “More than 140,000 students were held back in kindergarten in the 2011-2012 school year. Black students are more likely to be held back, despite mounting research showing that holding back children doesn’t benefit them socially or academically and makes them more likely to drop out later on.” (Cook, 2015).

When a child isn’t receiving help and faith from their teachers, they don’t believe in themselves, which can and will hurt their academics and future greatly. An attorney stated, “‘The system is unconstitutional,” the attorney for the plaintiffs Joseph P. Moodhe argued in Hartford Superior Court earlier this month, “because it is inadequately funded and because it is inequitably distributed.’”(Semuels, 2016). The money given to states for education needs to be reevaluated. The poorer districts should get more money so that their children have a chance; a chance to grow up and provide for his or her family, to get a good job to bring our country to another level intelligently. The richer schools don’t need more money, let the other schools get better teachers and those teachers should be paid more. That’s where the money needs to go, it should not be going to fancy schools to make it fancier, but to poor schools to bring them to a better ranking.

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