Two Articles About the Importance of Physical Education in Elementary Education

I really enjoyed getting the chance to read these two articles. It was interesting to see the physical education points of view in elementary education. In Teacher’s Talk, I was super invested in the first little story. It was crazy to see how some positive words could actually be damaging. In a couple of my classes, this concept had been mentioned, but it’s really in-one-ear- and-out-the-other, but with this explanation, I think it will really stick. It’s super important to give the kiddos specific, positive feedback.

I liked all of the considerations for the students’, like “consider your audience,” or why you should use their names. The discipline plan was very nice to have; it’s something that I already pretty much knew, but it was helpful to have explanations for it.

“Is your Class About Something?”, was another great article jampacked with information. This one was really difficult for me to swallow because I hate making goals.

I don’t like putting the time to think of something like that, I’d rather just do it on my time and if it works out great, if not, then it’s fine. But the evidence backing up goal setting is strong, and I should get into the focus of making goals and helping others set goals.

Principle 3: The Process of our Product was really cool reading because I’m currently taking a teaching drama in the classroom class and it’s all about processed drama, not the final product, and the correlation was really thought provoking.

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They all had a similar core, but the ways of assessment and the process is slightly different.

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