Two News Articles On The Same Topic

I am analysing two newspaper articles, one from The Daily Mirror and the other The Guardian. Both articles are revealing the next James Bond actor: Daniel Craig. The papers are written for different types of people. The Mirror is aimed at working class people and The Guardian is aimed at professional, people. Both papers use different types of language for the readers to understand. The Mirror uses simple language.

Essay Example on Analysing Two News Articles Fronting The Same Subject

For example, “I’d like to thank the royal marines bringing me in like that and scaring the shit out of me”, this shows the actor’s personality.

The Guardian has mixture of complex and compound sentences, “this will be tougher and grittier, and the relationship bond has with the girl, Vesper Lynd, is a lot more serious than we’ve seen in the past”. The headlines articles give different point of view about the film and actor. While the sub heading gives additional information about the actor.

The Daily Mirror uses a simple sentence, ‘His name Craig, Daniel Craig, this is a pun on Bond language and Bond fans would easily identify this device. The Guardian writes ‘the first blond bond bursts into action in the shape of Daniel Craig’, this metaphorical sentence suggests that the film is full is full of action, the use word ‘bursts’ emphasise this point. Both articles use Bond specific language “the names Bind, James Bond” to draw the readers attention to this particular article.

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However, The Guardian uses more formal language telling the reader in as much detail as possible what the article is about and what it is based on. Both articles use direct speech from people associated with the film or in the film industry. The Mirror uses more entertaining language and facts, for example, “I dropped what is was carrying, and went straight to the alcohol section, got a bottle of vodka and a bottle vermouth, I went right home and had a martini or… two”.

This sentence shows the actor’s personality and helps to make the article more interesting. The Guardian gives more information and avoids the actor’s personal life. Unlike The Mirror, The Guardian gives more information about the film itself, “this will be tougher than the last films”. The tone of The Guardian’s article on the next bond film gives more information to the reader; this is reflecting the target audience, which in this article, is aimed at middle class professionals.

The Daily Mirror’s article also entertains the reader as it gives detail about Daniel Craig’s love life; it has a lighter tone to it which helps to retain the reader’s attention, again responding to the target audience; it contains Bond specific language and talks more the actor’s personal life. This article also tells us about the way the actor was brought to the ceremony where as The Guardian doesn’t give any personal information. The Guardian discusses more about the actor himself.

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