Fake News on the Coca-Cola Company Published in Empire News

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Since July 29, 2014, there has been a rumor floating around about the safety of some Coca-Cola bottles, specifically bottles labeled with the name Micheal printed on them. The safety hazard was allegedly the result of a woman working in the Coca-Cola factory. According to Empire News, an anonymous woman working in the Coca-Cola factory was sexually harassed by her superior and sought revenge on him. This superior’s name just so happened to be Michael and as a result, the woman started dumping topsoil into the batch of product that she knew would be put into more than 2 million 20 oz bottles labeled with the name “Michael”.

Reportedly, consumers had been sending back bottles labeled “Michael” with complaints that the product had an odd taste. The information on the compromising of this consumer product was supposedly leaked by people that were close to the situation, who asked to keep the guilty party’s name out of any news. Fortunately, this story has been determined to be completely false.

A sigh of relief is appropriate from anybody who loves their Coca-Cola products. There should be an immediate red flag flying for any information that comes from Empire News, this site is well known for it’s spoof articles.

The story quickly began spreading throughout the World Wide Web and circulated through many social media sites. The story even ran on several news channels as factual news because some reporters did not make checking their sources a top priority for their stories. The spreading of this rumor could have been easily avoided, if only there was not a trend of lazy learning, checking your facts is one of the most important parts of sharing knowledge.

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This just goes to show everybody that the source of your information can make all the difference when it comes to the validity of your statements.

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