Crime Drama TV Show Comparison Sherlock And Elementary

Since replacing radio as the most popular mass media, television has modernized life’s and revolutionized today’s society. Bib’s Sherlock and Cab’s Elementary are two popular television shows that are often compared and contrasted because of their heritage to the iconic stories of Sherlock Homes. Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective, conceived by Sir Arthur Canon Doyle in 1887. An analysis between these two adaptations, have revealed many significant similarities and differences.

Both television shows till uphold many ideas and themes that can be traced back to the original stories of Sherlock Homes, but it is distinctly clear that Bib’s Sherlock is a far more accurate representation of the Sherlock character.

Bib’s Sherlock is a modernized, yet accurate portrayal of the classic Sherlock, whereas Cab’s Elementary is a modernized, mainstream adaptation of the classic Sherlock. It is evident that both shows differ greatly, they differentiate in their form and the social context they uphold.

Although they have their vast differences, it is suspected that both shows aim towards and fulfill the same purpose and Hereford target a similar audience.

Bib’s Sherlock and Cab’s Elementary contrast, in respect to their form and stylistic features. Sherlock is found to be considerably more dramatic, when compared to Elementary. This is based on the music used in both shows and the behavior demonstrated by both Sherlock. A quote from Bib’s Sherlock “I’m not a psychopath! I’m a high functioning sociopath.. Encapsulates his behavior completely. In contrast, Elementary Sherlock depicts a much lesser eccentric and theatrical character.

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In regards to behavior, Sherlock odd language in Bib’s Sherlock, appears a lot more exaggerated than it does in Elementary. An example of this is, while thinking, Sherlock will often make it very obvious by emphasizing silence. This manipulates the audience as they anticipate for the next hint in solving the crime. Finally the use of music in both shows is used to induce certain moods.

Elementary uses a more mainstream approach by using the latest popular soundtracks, this creates a sense of familiarity. Whilst Sherlock only uses an orchestrated score. The use of music is noticeably more prominent in Bib’s Sherlock. Dramatic music is used effectively to creating tension, by increasing the rhythm of the music, which signifies an upcoming suspenseful event. Sherlock and Elementary are two examples of an extensive list of entertaining crime shows.

The writers and producers of these shows have ensured they achieve their purpose of entertaining their audiences. They have done so by incorporating an interesting storyline with well thought characters. The writers of Elementary have strayed away from the original Canon Doyle stories, but in doing so, they have still managed to maintain a similar level of implement and depth in their stories. This is not the case when it comes to Bib’s Sherlock, the pilot episode ‘A Study in Pink’ is directly derived from Canon Dole’s first novel ‘A Study in Scarlet. Another aspect that plays a role in a shows entertainment factor, are the characters and how well their portrayed. Bib’s Sherlock may have an advantage with award winning actors such as Benedict Cumberland and Martian freeman, but Elementary cast has proved to be just as good at portraying an believable representation of the Sherlock character. Both shows have also done a remarkable job in enforcing the relationship and compatibility between Sherlock and Watson, this increases the depth of the storyline thus making the shows more entertaining.

It appears both Sherlock and Elementary are targeted at a similar audience, adolescences and above. As mentioned above both shows aim to entertain their audiences. That being said it can be assumed that both shows could be suitable for anyone with an interest in crime drama. Although it could be said that Bib’s Sherlock is primarily targeted at a British audience, due to the cast imprisoning of British actors, and Cab’s Elementary is primary targeted at a American audience, as its cast is comprised of American actors.

However, both shows are non-restrictive in the content they show and how they show it. Television shows often explore many social issues, past and present. One issue explored by both shows is the gender of the main characters. The characters Sherlock and Watson are both played by male actors in BBC Sherlock, whereas in Elementary, Sherlock is played by a male actor and Watson is played by a female actor. In many ways, this issue relates back to owe accurate both shows portray the original stories.

Elementary has outraged many Sherlock fans by casting a female actor to play the classic role of Watson. Casting a female in a traditionally male dominant role symbolisms how the times are changing and how society has begun to embrace gender equality. Bib’s Sherlock and Cabs Elementary are both popular adaptations of Canon Dole’s timeless Sherlock character. Bib’s Sherlock was found to be reasonably more dramatic when compared to Elementary, this was due to the behavioral differences between the two Sherlock and the music played urine the shows.

Both shows also serve the same purpose of entertaining their audiences. This is achieved with a combination of an addictive storyline paired with well portrayed characters. As well as fulfilling the same purpose, both shows are also aimed at a similar audience. The casting of a female actor to play the male dominated role of Watson in Elementary, symbolisms a change in society and awareness for gender equality. Sherlock and Elementary might have their differences, but both shows are inarguably great examples of crime drama.

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