A Report on The Godfather, a Crime Drama Film by Francis Ford Coppola

Corleowned The Godfather takes place in New York set sometime in the mid 19005, The main characters are: Don Corleone (aka The Godfather), the “boss” of the Corleone family business and the father and grandfather of many children; Sonny, the eldest son of Don known for his short temper; Michael, the youngest son of Don that later takes over as boss. The movie begins as The Godfather, Don Corleone is first introduced handling business with a man in his office asking for a favor to kill a man who assaulted his daughter.

Meanwhile, His daughter is having a wedding where his whole family gathers. A group of photographers start taking pictures but The Godfather’s son stops it and throws a camera to the ground. The godfather sends a spy to spy on the Tattaglia family but he gets caught and gets strangled to death. Meanwhile, Tom gets captured by the Tattaglias and Sonny gets called saying that Tom will be released soon, Tom gets released but is told to calm down Sonny.

The Godfather gets fatally shot and gets rushed to the hospital. Sonny is told that his father is still alive. Michael goes to visit his dad at the hospital but Sonny wants guards with him. Michael moves his father to another room when he arrives because he knows people are coming to kill him, Michael finds out the police took all of his dad’s guards away and had some kind of deal with the Tattaglia family. Michael almost gets arrested but his family attorney manages to release him, Michael wants to kill Tattaglia and the Police Captain somehow.

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They plan to plant a gun at Louis’ restaurant where a gun will be planted for Michael, When Michael, Tattaglia and the Police Captain arrive at the restaurant, Michael is asked for a truce, He leaves to the bathroom where the gun is planted for him. Michael shoots both of them and flees the scene. Michael now has to leave the scene because he is now a hot target between the families in the area. Michael starts seeing a new girl in Italy and eventually gets married to her. Meanwhile, Sonny‘s sister continues to get beat by her new husband but Sonny goes to find him and beats him up telling him to never do that again.

Kay tries to find Michael and tries to send a letter to him but she is told that they don‘t know where he is. Connie gets abused by her husband, Carlo once again. Sonny goes to drive out to find him. Sonny gets stopped at a ticket station where he gets shot up several times by a group of men sent by the Tattaglias, The godfather has had enough of the violence since they now killed his eldest son. He arranges a meeting between all of the families to make peace. Meanwhile, Michael’s new wife in Italy gets killed when she is sitting in the car because a bomb was planted in it causing it to explode. The Godfather makes peace with the families and swears not to break the peace. Michael comes back to finally see Kay to ask her to marry him. He goes on to say that he will be working for his dad. Michael becomes the new boss of the family business, Michael wants to move their business to Las Vegas. Michael makes several changes in the business and fires Tom and ask Freddy to appear weekly at the hotel. Michael wants to meet with Moe so he can buy out his hotel. Moe Green doesn‘t want to and calls their family weak. Meanwhile, The godfather collapses and dies from a heart attack while he is playing with his grandchild, Michael gets arranged a meeting with Barzini on Tessio’s ground. Michael was warned by his father that he would be assassinated if he went. In response, Barzini is killed along with the other family’s leaders. Michael becomes the godfather of Connie‘s baby and he then goes to Carlo to interrogate him about Sonny’s death, Carlo tell Michael Barzini approached him, Michael tells Carlo he will send him away to stay out of family business. He goes to the car outside where he is strangled and killed. Connie hysterically gets mad at Michael for killing her husband, Michael lies to Kay that he did not kill him to make her feel comfortable in him taking over the business since she doesn’t like violence. The film ends with Clemenza entering his office paying respect to the new boss of the business.

The actors of The Godfather did a great job in portraying their roles, One performance that I enjoyed in particular was Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone. Brando’s role was very important in the plot of the movie since Don Vito is “The Godfather” and the boss of the family business. However, Brando nailed his performance and gave off “the boss” vibe his character needed, Just by the way Brando talked entertained me and helped set up the character of Don Corleone. When you would hear his voice you knew that this character was important and he was “the man’i Ascene that I enjoyed was when he is first introduced at the start of the movie and handles business with a man that requests a favor. In this scene, you can see the intimacy in how he handles his business and you could almost feel intimidated by the way he talks to the man. Another actor’s performance I enjoyed was Al Pacino as Michael Corleone, Pacino also plays an important role as he is the son that takes over the business. Pacino did a greatjob in portraying Michael and we see the transformation of his character throughout the movie. Pacino’s great acting helps us see this transformation and the way Michael is built as a characterr One scene that comes to mind is when Michael has to kill the police captain and a Tattaglia. We can see the seriousness and intimacy in Pacino’s acting which makes the scene much more dramatic and enjoyable to watch. The one thing I enjoyed the most in The Godfather was the overall plot of the movie. I thought it was interesting to see the conflicts inside the mob scene and watch the characters develop and transform throughout the movie. In particular, seeing Michael grow as a character was interesting to watch, At first he starts off not even involved in the family business but slowly gets more involved as his loved ones get threatened. This showed the importance of family value and it showed how he had to pull it together in order to protect his family’s pride and the business. Eventually, Michael becomes the new boss of the family business making him the new “Godfather”.

I thought it was clever to make Michael the godfather of his sister Connie’s new born son. This is juxtaposed with him being the new boss of the family business just like how his father was known as the “Godfather” when he was in charge, Overall, I thought it was a well- written plot and kept me on the edge of the seat throughout the entirety of the long movie. One lesson 1 can get out of after watching The Godfather is that you have to make sacrifices and go through obstacles to protect the things you care about. In The Godfather, The Corleone Family shows their family values and are willing to do anything to protect it including killing, just like Michael didi Michael has to kill since it is apart of his business and has to not only protect his family but his business as welli Of course, this doesn’t mean you should kill someone in real life, but you should make sacrifices to protect something you care about I would recommend The Godfather to anyone that is interested in Mob-Action Movies The MPAA of this movie is R which is appropriate since there are a lot of violent scenes of killing and strong language My final word of this film is that it was a solid Mob-Action movie that had a interesting and action-packed plot that kept me on edge of my seat all the way to the end.

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