Glory Road Sports Drama Film Analysis

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He uses theory X to his player that thinks that basketball was Just a game that will make them happy because they were usually discriminated when they play, it became a reason for them to not to play. Unlike to his player that since from the beginning was so eager to win the championship, He uses theory Y because from the beginning they really like and eager to win the NCAA Basketball Championship.

Like what Vive read few months ago it says there that in a game there is only one goal which is off course to win.

But Motivation is one of the critical ingredients to success both in and out of sports. It’s the one element that will allow you to get back up after repeated failures and still achieve your goals.

In the movie, we can say that, Texas Western College Is one of the weakest team and consider underdog team in NCAA Men’s Division Basketball Tournament during that time. But Don Haskins accepted the challenge to revive and to form a team that will know through its potentials and its teamwork.

It was also a big risk for Don Haskins to have the courage to form a team that consist of black Americans which they consider as a low class of people. But this thinking and the thought of racial discrimination did not hinder Don Haskins to accept the challenge for he does not look on the level or standards of people on the society, but he views everyone as equal.

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I personally admire his leadership skills and on how he motivates his players. He uses lot of ways to motivate his player like, he uses Goal-setting that helps his team work towards their own objectives.

How Don Haskins Motivated His Team

Because of Don Haskins determination and dedication to his team, his team eventually felt motivated to win. He influenced his team by his action. Like what John Quince Adams says, “If your actions Inspire others to dream more. Learn more. Do more and become more, you are a leader. ” 2. Describe the Team based on the Basic Group Concepts discussed in class. Are hey a high performance team? Why? The Texas Western College Miners was Indeed considering as a high performance team because they have the characteristic a winning team should have.

I’m not saying that their team was perfect, it is just that they have their passion, competitive spirit, accountability to each other and most of all their discipline and determination that a high performance team should have. They are also having only one similar goal, which Is to win the championship that became also one of the main reasons for them to level up their effectiveness as one 1 OFF ask and responsibility. They were responsible in their task that made them even more effective and enjoy playing their sport.

One thing that amazes me more and keeps on admiring Don Haskins leadership is how he disciplines his players as they work together and play as one. Discipline is one of the vital and important parts of learning, that’s one of the first main thing that Don Haskins imparted his team that resulted them to perform excellent in every game that they played. Texas Miners was not considered a perfect team, there are many down falls and failures that the team has already did. But one thing that made them excellent and champions in their sports was their heart full of determination.

They faced lots of discrimination and racism but these things did not hinder them to win, to change and to break the wall in the NCAA basketball tournament segregation between white and black American players. Truly it was a triumph over segregation. 3. Cite scenes showing conflict within the team. Did these conflicts contribute to the team’s effectiveness? Explain One scenario in the movie that show conflict in the team was when Don Haskins told them to play his game and to be pressured or controlled by their emotions.

But they don’t listen to him; instead they were controlled and manipulated by their grudge and anger toward their competitor. They let discrimination and discouragement from the people win them over, and soon provoked them to anger. Because of their disobedient attitude they lost the game. But one significant line that Don Haskins says. He says, “Sit down. Never let your anger get the better of you. ” These lines really spoke not Just to his players but also those who viewed this movie including me. This conflict has a big contribution to their team’s effectiveness; because this made them more responsible and operative to their play.

It also serves as an inspiration and motivation for them to become more competitive and eager to win. They also learned that anger and grudge toward their enemies is not a reason to quit, and forget everything that they have invested to win and maintain a perfect season, rather they should be more motivated to win and to prove that basketball is not only for white but also a game for the black Americans. 4. Cite scenes showing negotiation within the team. What was the outcome of the negotiation? The main negation that has a big impact to me was when the coach talks o his team regarding to their last game performance.

That moment his players was truly mad and because of the discouragements and discrimination that they were receiving from the people around them. Don Haskins speaks effectively towards his players, he may start mad, but in the end, he really made his team realized that no matter what the people do to them they cannot take their dignity away from them, for their dignity is inside them. I still remember his line during that time, Willie ‘Scoops’ Eager: “They’re trying to take our dignity away from us. ” Coach Don Haskins: inform sanity’s inside you. Nobody can take something away from you something you don’t give them. These words really spoke to the hearts of the Texas Miners players. Coach Haskins has a good communication skill when it comes in negotiating to his players. He has an understanding heart toward to his team. He also knows how to use types of character and personalities of his team. Some of the lines that Don Haskins uses when negotiating with his team are, “l don’t see color. I see quickly, I see skill. That’s what I’m putting on the court, and that’s what you have. ” “Right now it’s not bout talent, it’s about heart. It’s about who can go out there and play the hardest.

Who can go out there and play the smartest…. Now, they’ve been here before, and so they’re not going to give it to us. We got to go out there and we got to take it. Take it! ” Another scene that shows team negotiation is when Don Haskins decided not to let his white players and let his black players prove themselves in the eyes of the American people. When Jerry Armstrong says, “Coach, I can’t lie. I want play. We all want play. But I Just want to say one thing. Tomorrow night, wall go out there and how them how ‘bad’ five brothers can be on the court can be. Despite of the many misunderstandings of the team, at the end they became closer to each other until they already consider their team as a family. These are Just fruits of a good and effective negotiation within a team. 5. From the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke), identify 3 bases of power of Jesus (Cite book, chapter and verses). How did Jesus use His power in these passages? For what purpose? From the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) Jesus practice His power in many ways using different bases. The first base of power that He uses was coercive power.

It teaches me that we should not look others unequally. We should be fairer to everyone, and we should view everyone equally for we are all created by God. We may vary in color, gender, statuses and many more but there is something common in us and that is that we are being loved and cared by God similarly. Indeed, the movie in itself is a testament to the challenges that racism created in the past. Glory Road is a reminder for me personally about what it took to get to the point we are today in sports. It shows us hat had to be overcome in the past and therefore I feel we can better appreciate the present.

And is also a constant reminder that all people are the same and there Road, is also an eye opener for us on how we view our statuses in the present day. Some of us might not be on the top, some of us might be Just on the middle but this does not define us or control us on how we should treat everyone. We are all human that needs love, comfort, shelter and food. The movies also teach us on how we should lead a team or an organization. Don Haskins may not be the best coach but here is something in him that made him the best and unique when it comes on leading and motivating as a team.

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