The Book That Changed My Life The Godfather by Mario Puzo

The Book That Changed My Life.  Most of us have that one book that inspired us or made us feel something deep inside. The Godfather by Mario Puzo did it for me. The Godfather is my favorite book, it was the first book  ever read for leisure and it went on to change my life. It is about a Sicilian crime family operating out of New York, the author describes the complex structure of the mafia and the way it works.

He wrote the book purely based on research but he was so keen about the intricate details that real life mafia members found it hard to believe that he had never been in the mafia rackets. I like the book not only because of his eye for detail but also because of how he could make me feel like I was there when it was happening Before I go on I need to tell you about me when I was fourteen years old: I was a typical Indian kid who loved to play cricket, fly kites and watch television, lfI wasn‘t doing any of the things I mentioned I was either studying for a test, doing homework or sleeping but one thing I never did was read for leisure.

I didn’t read books that weren’t part of my syllabus because according to me reading was meant to be done in schools and not in my free time.

I found it really hard to believe that reading could actually be fun and relaxing, Now let me virtually take you to the summer of 2011 in Bangalore, a city in southern India which is known for being the 3’d most populated city in India.

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The summer had just began but the heat had already shot up, schools were closed and families were packing their bags to fly off to an exotic holiday destination or back to their hometown. But unfortunately I was doing neither of these, I had to stay at home and go for math tutorials because I needed to prepare for a big test that I had to take when school reopened. All my friends were out of town and I had nothing to do with my free time. It had come to a point that even television was getting boring! Sol took my friend’s advice and borrowed a book from the public library. I still remember walking down the crime fiction aisle of the library and searching for a book that seemed interesting to me. Though it took me a while, I finally found a book that caught my eye. For some reason the small but thick old book with a torn cover that I picked seemed more interesting and mysterious to me than the brand new books with flashy covers.

Once I got home I began working on the task that I dreaded to do earlier, I began to read my book. The first few pages were hard to get through but once I got into the story I was hooked on. Mario Puzo had me in his clutches, I couldn’t put my book down for more than half an hour without thinking about when I was going to get back to reading The plot kept thickening as I kept reading, I felt like I was there with the characters in the book when the events were taking place and after three days i finished my first book which was about 600 pages. Sol went from not reading at all to reading two hundred pages a day. After that book my visits to the library kept on increasing, sometimes I would read three books a week and still want more. Authors like Mario Puzo, Lee Child, Hussein Zaidi and Chethan Bagath became my heroes, I found reading so fun that I gave story writing a try. I wasn’t very good at it but I felt at peace when I was reading or writing, I started to notice that my view on things began to change and my vocabulary slowly started to build. I also started to notice the little things that were taking place around me; like the beauty of the trees swaying tardily to a breeze or the sound of a bird chirping. I began to look at life like a big story we were all part of, with each character playing his/her own important role in itr I‘m sure most of you are going to wonder how this affected me or as I said, “Changed my life”. But it made me the person I am today, it helped me chase my dream to study in the USA and it helped me understand that trying new things is a good thing because you never know where that new experience might take your.

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