Teacher who changed my life

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Teacher Life is unexpected experience, so full of surprises that nobody knows what will happen the very next moment, especially when you meet a person who has the ability to change your life in complete way. Most of us have met a teacher during our lifetime in school that made a difference and touched our lives in some way to make it better and to open our eyes for success. I remember when the first day of high school started. I was very nervous and stressed, scared to the point that I didn’t want to be at the school.

I had six classes that I had to attend that day. At the end of the afternoon, I walked in my last class and it was Social Studies. I usually don’t like this subject but the teacher started to change the way I thought about social studies. Her name was Mrs.. Jennifer Smith she impressed me the way she was confident, and she told us about her story from high school to college and the success that she gained over the years of studying also the fears that she had.

The bell rang, and the class is over. I stayed after class to talk to her about how I feel and how stressed I was about school.

She was very nice and she welcomed me. She said “I’m here for you anytime “. I introduced myself to her , and I told her how lonely I felt being in school and that I had no one to talk to which make me feel really awkward, plus that wasn’t everything I was afraid of.

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I was worried about my classes too because they seemed a little hard. We talked for about an hour. She was a very good listener. She gave me a lot of advice that I needed at that time, and she told me to come to her whenever I feel like I need someone to talk to. I came back home really happy and confident.

Everything I felt earlier had disappeared. My homework was perfectly done, and I was excited to start my next day of high school and meet Mrs.. Jennifer again. Years of high school was about to be over. Mrs.. Jennifer walked me to senior year even though I had one class with her. Through those three years she taught me a lot of stuff. She made from me a man for life, she opened my eyes for a bright future, and made me feel so special, but that wasn’t everything. When senior year started, I were in need of help and I went to her.

I wasn’t sure if I’m going right after I graduate from high school I will go right after to college and I really wanted to know if I did the right thing or not. She gave me the best words that actually convinced me to decide what I should do after graduation. She said “through the years that I knew you, I have always seen you as a successful guy that has good head on his shoulders, I want you to go to college and prove to yourself and to me and everybody that you will never fail or take a step back” Mrs..

Jennifer has changed my whole life, because of everything she did for me and that I actually listened to her advice. She played the part where I choose to attend college and look forward to be successful as I made a promise with her. Mrs.. Jennifer wasn’t Just a teacher for me, but she was like a mother who really cares about her son, and she wanted to see me in a good place all he time where I can find the happiness and Joy in my life. That’s how I see her in my eyes.

Maybe that could be Just a little about how I feel about her because she is indescribable person to me. I will never forget the experience that I had with her and what she taught me through high school years. Sometimes people appear in our lives suddenly, and they flip it upside down. They change us for better ones, and that’s what Mrs.. Jennifer did for my life. I couldn’t be more thankful than any day in my life for having her. She shaped my life in Just a way that should be shaped.

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Teacher who changed my life
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