A Reflection on My Career as a Teacher and the Need to Focus on Life Skills in Special Education

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a teacher, The subject that I wanted to teach has changed. I went form wanting to teach middle school history, to early childhood education, and then my freshman year of high school I realized that my calling was Special Education. That year I taught a young man with Down syndrome dance. It was life changing, and he taught me just as much as I taught him. I found a new patience in me that I never had with anyone else.

I wanted him to succeed and be the best he could be. My dance teacher, who hired me to teach, help me make the realization that teaching special education was what I was supposed to do. I feel that I can make a huge difference in my student‘s life. I want to inspire them to achieve more than they could ever imagine.

I want to stretch their minds and their imagination.

I want to help my students grow into adults and find their full potential in life [think that I will be unique from other teachers, because I don’t want my focus to be on the subject matter I am teaching. I ultimately want to teach high school special education, and I believe that high school special education students should focus on life skills and living on their own rather than the core subjects. While I do believe that Math and English are extremely important I believe that the students I wish to work with will benefit more from being taught life skills, By focusing on making my students well rounded adults, I feel that will set me apart from other teachers.

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