The Different Types of Violence in the Godfather, a Film by Francis Ford Coppola

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The Godfather is a critically—acclaimed movie that has shaped the way many movies have been shot and edited over the years, and it is considered one of the best movies of all time by many because of the way it portrays gang violence and family values ​​There are different types of violence in The Godfather, and that is one of the reasons this movie is as acclaimed as it is. Violence used as vengeance and violence used as security are just two ways that violence is portrayed in The Godfather.

They do this because it shows the audience that violence is not necessarily a black and white thing, it can take many forms and be done for different reasons Violence as vengeance in The Godfather is prevalent throughout the film and can be attributed to almost every murder or hit in the movies It is used when a family wants to exact vengeance on another family for something that they did, which usually involves killing one of their family members One example of violence as vengeance in The Godfather is when Sonny Corleone is killed by the Tattaglias for killing Bruno Tattaglia and beating Carlo Rizzi.

This murder at the toll booth is considered violence as vengeance because Sonny is killed because he killed Bruno Tattaglia and beat Carlo Rizzi. This is vengeance because they believe that the only way to “make things even” is to kill a member of the family that killed their family members When Sonny was killed, they even shot all over his body and face, so that he would not have been able to have an open caskett This is not at all violence as security because the death of Sonny was very personal and had almost nothing to do with business then they would not have desecrated the body of Sonny the way they did.

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Violence as Security in The Godfather is another pivotal use of violence in the movies Violence as security is used in the movie when a family decides that the only way for them to get something they want or the only way for them to advance is to strategically kill or hurt a member of an opposing family. An example of this is when Luca Brasi is killed by Sollozo. They kill him because Brasi was the Corleone muscle, and if Sollozo was to try and take a hit out on Vito, Brasi would be the one that comes knocking on the door to kill them for revenge, so with Brasi out of the way, Sollozo has a clear shot to attempt an assassination on Don Vitot This is seen as violence as security because the murder of Luca wasn’t for revenge because of something the family or Luca had done Luca‘s murder was because Sollozo wanted him out of the way because he was in the way of murdering Don Vito and if Luca was out of the way it would make getting to Vito just that much easier because they wouldn‘t have to worry about Luca coming after them. Violence is prevalent all throughout all three Godfather films and is a crucial element of story progression. The differing types of violence pay a pivotal role as well, as no two types of violence are the same and the acts of violence can be assumed done for differing reasonsi Like when Sonny is killed or when Luca is assassinated. These murders are both done, but they are done for different reasons This shows that murder in The Godfather is not as black and white as it is made out to bet Each family has a specific reason for each murder, and no murder is done without their own justification for them.

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