Panadol Origin and Different Types

background information what is pandaol origin and diff types pf panadol panadol is a brand name which is created by a drug company called glaxosmithkline in short term gsk. its generic name is acetaminophen in us and paracetamol in uk. there is also other brand name for paracetamol like tylenol acet dhamal remedol etc. but the most common and mainly used by consumers is panadol which is in tablet form and consume orally. therapeutic effect of panadol panadol is a common pain reliever and fever reducer which its therapeutic effect is to quickly relieve pain caused by major headache period pain and even osteoarthritis.

the purpose of panadol is also to reduce fever caused by infection and sore throat. panadol falls under the category of general sales list gsl medicine which means it is readily available at any shop without prescription from pharmacies supermarkets and convenient stores too. purpose of using panadol adults usually consume it as it the most convenient pain reliever to them.

it takes an hour or more to work. it is also effective and can be utilized for temporary relief of pain. they may consume one or two tablets at a time depends on their condition whether its mild or strong. it has also been discovered that pregnancy women are safe to consume the panadol as well as those who are breastfeeding. however only at recommended doses. who is the one consuming it market segmentation market segmentation is the action of separating its consumers into smaller groups based on their characteristics beliefs personality or etc.

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for this case panadol uses two types of segmentation which is demographic and psychographic segmentation. demographic segmentation and physchographic segmentation are very useful as it helps to understand about their consumers background who they are and why they buy the product. demographic segmentation for demographic segmentation they may use consumers age gender race lifestyle or income to purchase the product. below are some information on how panadol carries out their demographic segmentation. gender- panadol is the most convenient pain reliever to consumers. hence that is why their target market is for both men and women. age/lifestyle- for those consumers who are always busy and get sick easily they may consume this as it is very convenient fast and effective for them. for age wise panadol has different type of tablets to consume. for kids they may take tablets that are not too strong for them and for adults they may also choose variety of different tablets based on their preference or their medical condition. income- panadol is very affordable as it contains several tablets in the box. hence anyone can buy it with no specific income. psychographic segmentation for psychographic segmentation panadol personality-panadol psychographic segmentation for personality is marketed for those who are concerned with their health condition. also this is targeted for those who are very cautious with their health and looking for medicines that can help to ease their minor pain temporarily. interest- beliefs- panadol has this sayings of sell them what they want then give them what they need. they believe their product are the most needed medicines for consumers when they are having some minor sickness. maslow hierarchy under maslow hierarchy needs panadol falls under physiological and safety needs. physiological needs safety needs whyyyy use the word to inform/ to persuade/ to educate/ to influence 6ps price panadol has a wide range of prices depending on what product the consumer purchase. the cheapest price you can get for panadol is around.. place consumers can purchase it anywhere. it is very convenient and accessible as it can be found in many drugstore outlets around the neighbourhood shopping mall online or also convenience stores. one of the reasons why they place their products at some of the mentioned places as it will be convenient for the consumer to purchase without going very far. with this method they are also able to sell more of their products and make it beneficial for both sides. they get to sell more of the products and consumers get to save their time and cost. some of the convenience stores that sell panadol are shown below. they may also purchase it from the store or online. some of the stores that offer online are as shown below. product as mentioned earlier panadol is just a brand name for paracetamol. other than tablets panadol also provides other products such as panadol caplets with optizorb formulation panadol mini caps panaflex patch panamax gel panamax roll-on panadol menstrual and a few more. for panadol that comes with tablets usually it is for those who would buy for cold and flu relief body pain relief headache fever and general pain relief. in addition it is also for children pain. some of the products effectiveness can be found as below. panadol cough cold effective for fever cold flu symptoms sinus sore throat and headache. panaflex patch- effective for neckache backache or shoulder pain. panadol menstrual- effective for those having menstrual periods bloatedness or period pain. panadol hot remedy- effective for those who prefer to consume powder sachet insatd of tablets. helps with congestion flu symptoms and headache too. promotion panadol does offer promotion on some of their products. usually the promotion is at guardian or fairprice. there will be some discounts on the price or if the consumer purchase more than 1 item there will be 10% off.

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Panadol Origin and Different Types
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