Favorite Theory of Development for Teachers

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How they move, walk, run go up the stairs, etc. 2. Are gross movements clumsy or deliberate/smooth? 3. How about their fine motor skills? Writing, drawing, etc. 1. Describe how they interact with teachers and other adults. 2. Note how they also interact with peers. What do they talk about? What are their concerns? Emotional 1 . Describe the emotional disposition or temperament of the learners. (happy, sad, easily cries, mood-shifts) 2. How do they express their wants/needs? Can they wait? 3. How do they handle frustrations? 4.

Describe their level of confidence as shown in their behavior.

Are they self- unconscious? Cognitive 1 . Describe their ability to use words to communicate their ideas. Note their language proficiency. 2. Describe how they figure out things. Do they comprehend easily? Look for evidence of their thinking skills. 3. Were their opportunities for problem solving? Describe how did they show problem solving abilities Record the data you gathered about the learner’s characteristics and needs in this matrix. This will allow you to compare the characteristics and needs of learners at different levels.

The items under each domain are by no means exhaustive. These are just sample indicators. You may add other aspects which you may have observed. Development Domain Preschooler (Indicate age range of children observed: Elementary (Indicate age range of children observed: 11 to 13 Highlights Indicate age range of children observed: Gross-motor skills Fine-motor skills Self-help skills Others In terms of their gross-motor skills they are very much active, energetic and sometimes hyper. In terms of their fine motor skills, some can be able to write well in cursive but some cannot fast.

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Which Is Your Favorite Theory Of Development

In terms of self-help skills I think their household skills re developing. Interaction with Teachers Interaction with classmates/friends Interests All of them believes more than their parents so they teachers even though there are some who cannot. All of them are friendly to their classmates but there are times that they tease their classmates. They are interested in reading books and listening to stories. Moods and temperament, expression of feelings Emotional independence They are sometimes moody, but they have a wide span of attention and they are able to express their feelings through expressing it verbally.

Almost all of them work independently but others sometimes depend from their classmates. Cognitive Communication Skills Thinking Skills Problem-solving In terms of their communication skills they can communicate very well in Filipino language than English language. Since all of them belong to fast learner class, they are all able to apply the ideas they gained with other exercises. Your Analysis Write the most salient developmental characteristics of the learners you observed. Based on these characteristics, think of implications for the teacher.

Example: Level Salient Characteristics Observed Preschool Age range of Learners Observed Preschoolers like to move around a lot. Therefore, the teacher should remember to use music and movement activities not just in PEE but in all subject areas. Therefore, teachers should not expect preschoolers to stay seated for a long period of time. Write your own observation here. Implications to the Teaching-Learning Process Age range of learners observed Age range of learners observed: 1 1 to 13 years old Elementary students like to play games, read books and they also showing a high level of motor skills.

Teacher should include games as motivation in class to settle the interest of the learners to learn. The teacher should expect that the fine motors of the students needs more practice to develop it. Highlights Your Reflections 1 . While you were observing the learners, What did you recall in your own experiences when you were their age? What similarities or differences do you have with the learners you observed? During the observation period, while I am observing the learners I did recall of my experiences when I was at their age. Although I was not able to recall all it served as a lesson for me.

The experiences I recalled much is my experience in reporting, sessions, and all my unpleasant deeds during my elementary years. Well, all of this are similar to the learners I have observed. Although, I was not able to experience 2. Think of a teacher you cannot forget for positive or negative reasons. How did she/ he help or not help you with your needs (physical, emotional, social, cognitive)? How did it affect you? Mrs.. Kinky O. Genie, my English teacher, is the most unforgettable instructor in my Elementary days. It is because she helped me a lot in developing my emotional and social development.

But she helped me more in terms of my academic excellence herein she gave me advice on how to improve my studies and these helped me a lot. That’s why I considered her as my unforgettable teacher. So, because of her I have attained several accomplishment in my life as a student. 3. Which is your favorite theory of development? How can this guide you as a future teacher? My favorite theory of development is Piglet’s Theory of cognitive development because it gives a full details of development from infancy to adolescence, wherein it has four stages, the seniority stage, pre-operational stage, concrete-operational, formal operational stage.

As a prospective teacher someday, I will use this theory of development as my guide in preparing the appropriate and necessary strategies and materials for learners. This theory also suggests in giving students opportunities in exploring many hypothetical questions wherein it requires them to think comprehensively. 4. Share your insights here. In this observation I have learned that appreciation of effort is important. Equality and fairness in class must prevail. The teacher must be concern not Just to a few but to all her students. And lastly, encouragement must be present at all times in a class setting.

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Favorite Theory of Development for Teachers
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