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Research Essay: Analysis of My Favorite Political Film

The Greatest of all Time in Indian Cinema

To begin with, there are many movies that represent politics, power and conflict in visual presentation. According to me, Bahubali 2: The conclusion is the best political movie I have ever seen. This movie is all about conflict in kingdom call Mahesmati, who had a great king in their history. (Prasad, Yarlagadda, Rajamouli, 2017). In this movie two brothers, who are very powerful that they can fight with anyone by their bravery.

One brother named Mahendra Bahubali, who has a great out of box thinking and strong arms and who also respects citizens and their views. Another brother called Bhalaldev, who is also powerful and knows various tactics to win war, yet he wants to become king for just ruling over kingdom’s citizens. (Prasad, Yarlagadda, Rajamouli, 2017). They both want to become king and they are proving their skills by giving various tests to their mother and experts of their kingdom, in which they do not have any king at the moment.

In the first scenario, Bhalaldev try to kill Bahubali through his bodyguard. He told his mother that Bahubali is going to kill me. And he made his mother change his decision to order kill Bahubali by negative tactics. (Prasad, Yarlagadda, Rajamouli, 2017). She did not know the truth behind Bhalaldev’s strategy. This was power of money and greedy nature of Bhalaldev to become king. Bahubali came to know about this and he forgives his big brother.

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Bahubali is brother of Bhalaldev from another mother. Bahubali is winning heart of every citizen. Which was hated by Bhalaldev. Bhalaldev’s father also deems that Bhalaldev should become king. Originally Bahubali’s father was a king of Mahesmati, but he died because of the heart attack. And Bhalaldev mother thought that both gets equal chance to become king. (Prasad, Yarlagadda, Rajamouli, 2017). This scenario shows soft power like honesty and forgiveness of Bahubali.

“The action throughout remains joyous. Bahubalis quasi-cartoonish strength permits the film to take mightily imaginative leaps: one minute our guys casually surfing flaming oxen, the next hes converting himself into a human cannonball with the assistance of a coconut tree. This time, however, were more aware of the stakes underpinning such flights of fancy. Rajamouli plots a nimble, broadly progressive path through an especially tangled set of court politics setting Bahubali and Devsena to dodge iron fists and wandering hands alike while alighting upon pleasing grace notes and symmetries: the coda offers a rare convincing demonstration of trickledown economics, even as it returns us to The Beginning.”

Secondly, neighborhood kingdom’s king attacks on Mahesmati. Mahesmati started planning about how to fight with them. At the end all decided that whoever will kill the king of neighborhood king will be announced the king of Mahesmati. Both brothers were ready to fight in this war. In war, Bhalaldev killed opposition’s leader, as well as many citizens of Mahesmati, in order to kill opposition’s leader. Bahubali had saved many lives in war and given his best to kill the leader.His mother said that who saves even one life in war is real hero and must become king of Mahesmati. From this scenario, it is clear that Bahubali has soft power of empathy and openness.

“Bahubali 2: The Conclusion is also a film where you can rave about single out every aspect be it cinematography, VFX, production design, costumes and still fall short of words. Yes, there are certain portions in the films climax that could have looked better visually and the VFX more refined, but its so fast-paced and well-designed that it doesnt really matter in the end.”

“In his attempt to make Indias biggest motion picture, Rajamouli has also given the audience a reason to be in awe of films, or rather his films. For that matter, no review would come close to explaining the high that one will experience throughout the film. It has to be experienced to be believed.”

Theres a dialogue in Inception which goes like: It doesnt hurt to dream big. Maybe thats what Rajamouli told himself before making the film. And after watching it, we couldnt help but be on the same page. Two big thumbs up for this epic drama. But did it really have to end? Because it clearly leaves you wanting more by the time the end credits roll.

“Bahubali already declared as a king. Bahubali and Devsena love each other. Bhalaldev also likes Devsena. He requested his mother to marry with Devsena and his mother promised him to fulfill his demand. But Devsena and Bahubali had not accepted this. His mother believes that promise is superior than life, due to this she had given choice to Bahubali either Devsena or the king of Mahesmati and he had not changed his decision to marry Devsena.(Prasad, Yarlagadda, Rajamouli, 2017). So that, his mother changed his decision and declared that Bhalaldev will become new king and Bahubali will main Commander. This shows power of beauty, because of which the whole equation changed of Mahesmati Kingdom.”

This is a refreshingly irony-free depiction of demigod-like men and the values and family members they fight to protect. And for once in what feels like a long while, this type of old-fashioned entertainment works without feeling like a throwback or an homage to a preexisting work of pop art. I love “Baahubali 2,” partly because it never once felt like a soul-less, committee-assembled piece of entertainment. Many American viewers may wonder how a film that received little to no media coverage could surpass “The Circle,” a new studio-produced and distributed thriller starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, at the US box office. But you only have to see “Baahubali 2” to know why it enjoyed such a fantastic opening weekend. It’s grandiose and fun, and I pray there’s a lot more where it came from.

It’s a hugely entertaining story that builds, ebbs, and flows in such a way that it feels like the Lord Of The Rings of Indian cinema. Ed Travis Said on his website while reviewing this political film. Bahubali is a very Indian film as well; the music, the dancing, the themes of revenge and retribution, the talk of caste and destiny all guide the story and the characters actions, but not in such a specific way as to alienate the outside viewer. Add to that the ability of Rajamouli to embellish his already grandiose stories with imaginative visuals and youve got a recipe for spectacle untethered by test audience manipulation. What you see on the screen is pure, and thats one of the reasons Rajamouli has been able to begin to break out of what was once a very insular film community in South India.

To conclude, from above research, it is obvious that this is the best political film. This is the blockbuster movie of India. It describes best politics with amazing graphics and various tactics that creates conflict of various powers. For example, power of empathy, power of openness, power of honesty and forgiveness and power of beauty.

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