My Favorite Advertising Campaign

First, LinkedIn was founded on December 28, 2002, and launched on May 05, 2003. This is a valuable social network for people who are professionals, business owners, and college students, looking for new opportunities to grow their careers, to join with other professionals, and to make relationships with potential customers, clients, and partners. In March 2006, it reached profitability with revenues from membership subscriptions, advertisings sales, and recruitment solutions. At that time, on December 08, 2016, Microsoft completed its acquisition of it that brings the world’s leading professional cloud and network.

Then, LinkedIn has been considered the largest global community on professionals included males and females from the age of 25 to 54. It helps professionals from every field to make meaningful connections by inviting or accepting invitations to connect with others. Therefore, LinkedIn teaches people the skills needed for that dream job that everyone wants, allowing to find and increase professional opportunities in which many people are able to get the success desired.

This is my favorite ad because this campaign emphasizes the notions of success, motivations, daily lives, and what members are “in it for.

” In this ad campaign there are different people telling their story of success such as how they are In it to do what they love, In it to inspire, In it to pioneer, and so on. These stories show how powerful it can be when people follow their own path and LinkedIn lets us know that it is a community of people that supports, helps, inspires, and pushes others towards their success through its advertising.

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LinkedIn in its IMC strategy has made efforts to integrate a consistent message in its “In It Together” brand campaign online and offline by using multiple marketing tools such as the digital display, paid social media, online video, out-of-home, search engine, radio, and podcast. It was first launched in January 2018 as a television commercial during the Golden Globes Awards and showed clearly its objective to deliver one voice to its target audience with the tagline “Whatever you’re in it for.

We’re in it together.” It also combined the black and white effect with genuine professionals from an extensive variety of areas like fitness, creative arts, culinary, ranching, and sciences to make the connectivity that the LinkedIn site is offering. This advertising can be watched on platforms like YouTube in a documentary format that attracts attention, builds awareness, and tells inspirational stories of a different version of success that involves emotions. Finally, this integrated campaign gratified all aspects of communications, both internally to staff and executives, and externally to members and prospective members. In addition, this advertising campaign makes to reposition LinkedIn’s contribution that is certainly one of the greatest professional networking sites and shift attention to their audience.

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My Favorite Advertising Campaign
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