Favorite Parody of Songs "Interjections"

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I enjoyed the skit/ song Interjections because the song was catchy and fun. The song was easy to remember and it helped me remember what interjections are. Interjections are words used to show any emotion or feeling, usually ending with an exclamation point or a comma. The skit was short and I remembered it because it was catchy and simple which made it easier to remember. I first heard it when I was at home practicing interjections. It was catchy because of the tone and repetition.

Another skit/ song that I liked from the play was Conjunction Junction. I have learned a lot of things about grammar in school, including what conjunctions are. The song Conjunction Junction helped me remember the three conjunctions: AND, BUT and OR. As a result of this knowledge I know that the word “and” is used in sentences instead of “this and that” to highlight a combination.

The word “but” is used in sentences instead of “not this but that” to shed light on a contrast.

The word “or” is used in sentences instead of “ this or that.” to show multiple options. When I first heard the song I was at home and it was catchy and fun to listen to. Kind of a short cut or abridged version to simplify what the writer is saying. Sacagawea was a Native American women who went with Lewis and Clark on their mission to explore the western part of the United States. She was kidnapped and taken to North Dakota in 1800 and then joined the Lewis & Clark Expedition with her husband in 1804.

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She was the only women out of a group of 33 people. She traveled thousands of miles across the uncharted parts of America. She guided the group through the wilderness. She was an important part of the Lewis and Clark expedition while they explored.

She showed them how to survive. She also warned the other tribes that they were coming so that they could go peacefully. She also helped by having knowledge of the land and being able to communicate with other tribes using their language. Sacagawea showed the group I would like to be an explorer. Explorers get to discover new things and travel the world looking for things. The Statue of Liberty is located in New York (10004). According to the sonnet “ The New Colossus” The Statue of Liberty represents a statue that welcomes everyone that enters and a torch that lights the way. I know this because in the sonnet it says, “Glows worldwide welcome; her mild eyes command.” I think that America has done okay with the values that the statue represents. The citizens of America could be more welcoming to people from other places.

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