Examples Of Parody

He has been a target of parodies of his love and martial affairs in private life. This image titled 3. Entertainment (film) “Gung If Hustle” is combined existed film in Hollywood and Hong Kong martial arts films. Chow said “l just want to entertain” which is the goal of him to produce parodies. Gung If Hustle is paying respect to Hong Kong martial arts films and culture, but more often as spoofs and derides to Hold”. Rood action films and hero. Sotto mentions that Chow criticized the Holly”DOD films and heroes with cross cultural.

In Stephen Chow’s interview, Chow mentioned that ‘ anted to show that the spirit of martial arts film is not just about fighting” The casting of Chows films always is uncharacteristically. In Gung If Hustle, Chow mocks the heroism that should be physically fit and charming, but he chooses the poor, the old and the effeminate as the potential heroes. This parody of character can reenact martial arts films by changing the myths of gender and sexuality in traditional culture.

Social Issue (Short clip) Nowadays, housing problem is very serious in Hong Kong.

This is shown by the astronomically high price of housing in Hong Kong and the slightly shortage of housing units. The video ‘King’s Cube’ was created by imitating promotional videos for luxury properties in Hong Kong and has been brought to public attention. In the six-minutes of clips, the student Joe-You, performs as a real estate agent to dazzle potential buyers. He uses flowery rhetoric to sell a 1.

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5- square meter subdivided unit which is generally called as “Humble home” or “Cubicle Unit”, for examples, “elegant and durable flooring”, environment-friendly living’ and “international class marble”.

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Examples Of Parody
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