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A degree in computer science wasn’t much of a decision for me, I have been building a strong interest and background for most of my life. When I was 10 years old, in 2008, the financial crisis forced my family to relocate. About a week before we were set to move my parents disassembled the family computer. They didn’t pack it away however, it sat in its spot, simply unplugged. Discontent with not being able to play my video games, I decided to try to put it back together.

It was only a few cables: a generic 3 prong power cable, VGA for video, and PS/2 for mouse and keyboard. Each port was a unique color and shape but I was still proud of my self for “building” a computer.

A year or two later I was teaching myself Java to make mods for my favorite game at the time, Minecraft. After successfully building some of my ideas, I was posting on the forums offering my services to other users to create mods they wanted.

I remember thinking that I was learning how to program too late in life, and I had missed the boat on being a successful programmer. This didn’t deter me, in high school I took as many computer courses as possible. I started working as a programmer at a local cybersecurity startup, which sparked my interest in security, Linux, and open source. When I arrived at Cal Poly I was shocked that my colleagues chose this major with no interest or experience in the field, they just wanted a high paying career.

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Throughout my four years at Cal Poly I have gained confidence in the fact that I have the skill and desire to put my self a cut above other students. I thoroughly enjoyed working on coding projects, and helping classmates debug their problems. I earned the nickname RyanDB, because I was the go to debugger. The undergraduate program at the Cal Poly provided me with a strong foundation in computer science and exposed me to various disciplines with in it. However, with the completion of my undergrad I realize my education is far from over. I thoroughly enjoyed classes like Computer Architecture, Algorithms, and Information Security and look forward to the advanced levels of these classes. I believe a graduate program is necessary to increase my knowledge as well as to shape me into a good teacher as well as researcher. I believe that I have strong dedication and motivation required for a successful career in this field.

I wish to return to Cal Poly to obtain my Masters to work with the professors that I have formed relationships. I hope to work under Dr. Husain, as we both have a passion for security. I am confident that with this opportunity I could make a significant contribution to ongoing research. Regarding my goals for the future, I plan wish to use my education to further the field, both by becoming an educator myself, and and contributing to open source projects. It is my ultimate goal to obtain a Doctorate degree in computer science.

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