Hazards in Health/Social Care & Their Harm

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Fellowship is a private children’s house centre based in the Newham borough and they provide care and accommodation for children from six months to five years old with working and studying family members. This organisation has been put forward to help families in the local community as they provide ten hours of care from Monday to Friday.

Within this setting there are a number of health, security and safety hazards that can occur, such as:


Fellowship has rules and regulations that need to be followed to ensure the safety of the children in their care is met.

For example If a baby gate is left open and unsupervised it could lead to a child crawling out, which cause lead to the child physically hurting/harming themselves.

All visitors, workers and parents buzz in at the front entrance and they are let in without any questions asked, as long they sign in they are allowed to access all areas of the centre.

This could lead to individuals coming into who may cause harm to workers and other visitors.

What Is A Hazard In Health And Social Care

It is important for professionals to be aware of children’s parent to ensure the children go home with the right people and if they are getting picked up by anyone besides the parents the centre needs to be informed in advance to ensure security and safety to the children. The children centre will need to be informed if there is a restraining order against one of the parents to prevent any harm to the child.

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Within the children centre a risk assessment needs to be carried out as there are different types of hazards that may occur. For example children usually go out to play after the rain has stopped, leaving the climbing frames, slides etc. wet and slippery which can potentially lead to children slipping off playground facilities causing harm to themselves. Because of this safeguarding will need to be promoted to prevent children from hurting, bruises, head bumps and fractures etc.

During meal time there are usually food and drinks dropped on the floor/tables by the children which staff need to be aware of to ensure it is cleaned to prevent risks from happening to both the children and staff as they may slip on spilt drinks and food on the floor.

There are four fire exists within the centre. The fire exist nearest to the main hall is blocked with delivery stocked boxes and other items. This may put children, workers and visitors in danger as the main hall is used regularly and it will be the fastest way out.


Staff need to aware of the food policy which comes from the Food Safety Act, it also covers food hygiene to ensure all children’s individual medical status and their culture religions are met as it will give them a heads up on what the children can and cannot eat. If a child with an allergic reaction is given something they are allergic to, it can cause the child to become poorly depending on the intake amount and speed the child can get professional help.

Children who are not attending the day centre because of illnesses such as chickenpox, head lice, measles and food poisoning or other illnesses/bugs will need to be recorded by staff in the incident and accident book and it needs to be reported to the manager as she will need to inform other parents so they are aware and they can get their children checked in advance.

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Hazards in Health/Social Care & Their Harm
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