The old man, the bullets could not harm Daniel Friedman Review

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More and more hyperactive goths us that they do not belong on the scrap heap. Recently a centenarian got out of the window of a nursing home and mingled life worldwide. Now shows a 87-year-old ex-cop from Memphis, Tennessee, how a criminal once and for all bring about the route, without long to torches.

It enjoys Baruch ( “Buck)” treasure already for 35 years his retirement. The Dolce far niente on the domestic sofa, wrapped in the smoke never verlöschender Lucky Strikes has become the purpose in life of former detectives.

With Rose he had “married the greatest woman I had ever met,” and so he is now a round of happy and contented man. Just a pain torments his soul: Their only son Brian died at only 52 years. Fortunately, he left him a grandson. William Tecumseh treasure, a law student in New York, is commonly called “Billy” but preferred the nickname “Tequila” – what animated his grandfather used to call him with the complete list of drinks a well-stocked bar “Mojito”, “Black Fire” “Riesling” …

One day, rips a phone call Buck from the springs.

Jim Wallace is dying and wants to see Buck again. Buck has the two know each other from military duty and were together in 1944 in the POW camp at Chelmno, Poland, but liked the comrades ( “quite a asshole”) does not. Why should he seek it now? “You can not refuse the last wish of a dying man,” warns Rose, and because he knows from experience that it makes no sense to mess with her, he gives in reluctantly.

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At the bedside of geriatric intensive care Buck hears the cumbersome screened rare words of a languishing of apparatus body. Before it is too late forever, Jim gets rid of a heavy burden of conscience. As a military policeman he guarded 1,946 a roadblock between East and West, continued as a heavily loaded Mercedes at its turnpike. Jim recognized the man at the wheel. But after a short inspection of the trunk he opened the gate, the notorious SS officer went unchallenged from there, and one of the many gold bars in the trunk had quietly and unobtrusively changed hands …

Buck know who Jim reported. he still felt the beating of the Nazi monster in his own body. Henry Ziegler was the commandant of the camp Chelmno and the Jews like Buck he harassed in person. When the Russians liberated the camp, they set out Ziegler. However, if at Jim’s story was something to it, he would have a new identity escaped his and could start a new life somewhere with the gold bullion

To track Ziegler and to take revenge, Buck lack of drive. ” if you have the chance to do nothing, you should always take it. ” But in an interview with Billy germinate the idea that perhaps even a pot of gold could be to raise.

Of these have not received a number of other wind. Right after Jim’s puny funeral his son-Norris Feely Buck has responded to the gold and clarified that his wife Emily was entitled to a portion. “If you go hunting for [Ziegler], I want to be there.”

And then Jim has his remorse probably the priest Doctor Lawrence child entrusted. The “woken guy” “glowed in God’s boundless love”, but after being on the wrong smile on her “had won reptiles face” at the bedside the full confidence of the old man, now shows the man of God and the glory of the distant gold, which he sorely needed would require.

the gnarled, grantelnde and headstrong protagonist and narrator Buck captured the hearts of readers immediately and is the trump card in Daniel Friedman’s comedic murder mystery ” Don ‘t ever get old < "Daniel Friedman: "Don't ever get old" at"

What was he to get his revenge accept an old man, perhaps already has an ordeal before him and will soon depart this life? This goal is not kindled Bucks passion enough to be bed besides always ready lying rod to leave cigarettes and to cope with a “mountain of obstacles”.

In the past it was different. The legend “Buck treasure” still pervades rooms and corridors of Homicide of Memphis, and not hate the old hero points to his record as a successful Police Detective. He can certainly well into perspective. His firing rate of “bastards” of any kind was not so spectacular. “I came only fourth. And I also told me traffic accidents.”

Together with Billy the visually and decrepit Buck finally takes the research and makes Ziegler actually in the dementia ward of a nursing home identify , The pack of greedy treasure hunter is hot on their heels. Fortunately carries Buck always his Smith & amp; Wesson .357 Magnum with him and General Eisenhower’s Counsel in the heart: “If you have nothing on which you can hold on, then hold on to your gun.” Both he finally owes his life, while the number of future partners unfortunate enough, decimated to bloody-disgusting manner. Probably because someone wants to end up alone bear the bullion home. But he reckoned without the host … read

Daniel Friedman’s debut is great fun. The subject of the hunt for a Nazi war criminal serious issues such as war and the Holocaust remain, of course not, but the author integrates almost light-footed into the otherwise amusing detective story about the old warhorse as an investigator, which ensures a plentiful casual atmosphere. The real crime, the personality of the perpetrator and his motives and the way of enlightenment are compelling, easy to understand and designed easily predictable

Conclusion:. A wonderful, wacky Reading Adventure


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