Kindly Desist Doing Harm To My Son

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Question: – 1 b) India has always believed in the value of the family. Discuss the changes, both good and bad, that have resulted from the break up of the traditional Indian joint family. Question: – 2 b) Your cousin is missing from home. Write a letter to the superintendent of police of your locality, requesting him to trace your cousin.

Give all relevant details that may help the police department. Question: – 3 Sports has rapidly become an established part of the entertainment industry and the smallest detail of sportsmen’s private lives is exposed by the media to public scrutiny.

Top professional are often described as ‘stars’ and large business interests exploit their skills. Considered profits are made out of selling sports gear which is a replica of the gear used by the professional; newspaper sell more copies if their sports coverage is good and substantial gains can be made out of the spectators’ willingness to gamble on the results.

The increasing demand for new talented sportsmen serves to strengthen the popular image of professional sport as a highly glamorous; the jealousy to players who succeeded and the failure-rate of young entrants are ignored by the press.

Even those who reach heights maintain their supremacy for only a relatively short period and then desperately need help to establish themselves in a new career.

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It is always attractive to do something interesting and to do it well as possible, but serious injury or an unaccountable loss of form quickly halts the progress of many a young sportsman. A handful of top professional can afford a house in London, another in the country and the third on the French river, as well as a Rolls-Royce and a yacht in the Bahamas, but most professional players just manage to gain a bare living from their sport.

Outdoor life can be delightful expect when the prevalent weather conditions are rain, wind, snow, fog or ice. It is flattered to here one’s name chanted with acclaim by thousand on the terraces but crowd are fickle and soon forget, once time takes its toll of muscle and mind. Tommy Lawton, the footballer hero of the forties, spent his later years in poverty, forgotten by all but a small band of his closest friends. Sportsmen at the height of their professional travel all around the world.

Kindly Desist Doing Harm To My Son

A cricket team might spend its winters in Australian summers and the Wimbledon women champions may spend the year bathed in sunshine, but their own social lives are disturbed and leisure hours have to be sacrificed to hard, exhausting practice. All professional sports men must adhere to strict training schedules to maintain their physical fitness; their lives are devoted to keeping their body in peak conditions by exhausting exercise combined with a strict regime of self discipline and moderation in food and drink.

At an early age comes retirement. The financial reward gained will probably not provide enough to live on for the rest of the life and the early retired sportsmen has to seek a new career. He enters the new career fifteen years later than his contemporaries and often with not enough reputation in his sport to persuade an employer to pay him a high salary. Give the meaning of the following words as used in the passage. One-word answer or short phrases will be accepted. i. Exposed :- ii. Bare :- iii.

Peak :- Best, perfect, Answer the following questions briefly in your own words. i) In what way do large business interests exploit sportsmen’s skills? Ans: Large business interests exploit sportsmen’s skill by selling sports gear which usually a replica of what sportsmen wear, they also exploit sportsmen’s by media as they devote large sections to sports coverage to increase their sales. ii) What is the popular image of professional sport? How does the media help to keep up this image?

Ans: The popular image of a professional sport is that, it is a highly glamorous career. The media helps to keep up this image by devoting large sections to sports coverage. iii) Give two reasons that sportsmen do not feel secure? Ans: The reason that sportsmen feel insecure are because a sport career is a short lived one and there are huge chances of physical injuries which causes a setback. iv) What sacrifices do the sportsmen make in their career? Ans: shd v) State the attitude of the crowd towards sportsmen?

Ans: When at the peak of his career, a sports man receives great adulation from the crowd. However, the same crowd forgets him the moment his performance declines. vi) What impact does retirement at an early age have on the life of a sportsman? Ans: djf vii) In not more than 60 words, state the disadvantages of taking up sports as a career? Ans: It is a short lived career and serious injury or loss of form leads to stagnation. Most sportsmen struggle to make a bare living. Their glory is often ephemeral and they are soon forgotten.

They lead lives of extreme discipline and have to seek a new career later in life placing them at a disadvantage as compared to their peers. viii) Give a title to the passage and give a reason to justify your choice. Ans:- Question: – 4 a) In the following passage fill in each of the numbered blanks with the correct form of the word given in brackets. Upon the passing away of his father, a son put his mother in and old age home. The old age home had rooms but no fans. After many years of living there, the old women was very ill and the doctor thought it appropriate to call the son in.

The mother and son met and talked. When the son asked weather she was comfortable and needed anything, the mother asked him to put fans in the old age home. Surprised, the son said, “Mother, you lived here so many here and never told me about this, why now, when not much time is left? ” “Because my son, I can live without a fan but I am worried about you. You will not be able to live without a fan. b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate words: She burst into tears after hearing the bad news. He was fascinated of the idea of becoming an engineer. I was shocked hearing the sudden new.

The two families are living under the same roof. The trader is too miserly to part from his money. Kindly desist from doing harm to my son. The thieves quarrelled among them selves. Instead giving him books, I wrote for him. Join the following sentences to make one complete sentence without using and, but or so. The maid went to the school. The child had already left. Ans: The child had already left when the maid went to the school. He succeeded all of a sudden. His success was so great that it ruined his career. Ans: His sudden success was so great that it ruined his career.

She found her ticket. Then she lost her passport. Ans: As soon as she found her ticket she lost her passport. This motorbike is cheaper to buy. The other is more economical to run. Ans: this motorbike is cheaper to buy while the other on is more economical to run. Rewrite the following sentences correctly according to the instructions given after each. Make other changes that may be necessary without changing the meaning of any sentence. Having considered the question of expansion carefully, the committee decided against the project. (Begin: Although the committee…….. Ans: Although the committee considered the question of expansion carefully, they decided against the project. The report was being examined by an expert. (Begin: An expert ……. ) Ans: An expert was examining the report. “What will be the outcome of such terrible decision? ”

Mr. Banerjee asked to him self. (Begin: Mr. Banerjee wondered………. ) Ans: Mr. Banerjee wondered,” What will be the outcome of such a terrible decision”. Someone has cut John’s hair. (Begin: John ………) Ans: John’s hair has been cut by someone. He had only just arrived at the station when there was a terrible explosion. Begin: Hardly ……….. ) Ans: Hardly he had arrived at the station there was a terrible explosion. It looked like as if Tapas has applied for the wrong job. (Begin: Tapas seems ……) Ans: Tapas seems to have applied for the wrong job. There was large pile of papers scattered over my desk and among them I found John’s letters. (Begin: John’s letter ……….. ) Ans: John’s letter was found by me among a large pile of papers scattered over my desk. He ran away from home and stole a car. (Begin: Not only …………) Ans: Not only he ran away from home but he also stole a car.

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