Is Technology Doing More Harm Than Good?

As technology has progressed and becomes more advanced, it gets more and more incorporated in our day to day life, even though technology may have its advantages and disadvantages. The point of technology is to make human life more comfortable. While that may sound great and all but technology has changed our society in many different ways, such as education, military, and social media. Technology is everywhere, and it continually surrounds us, and there is no way of escaping it. We use it every day from checking the time when we get text messages or phone calls, and we heat up our food from either using a microwave or oven.

Today, we live in a day in age where technology has advanced a lot since the past.

If someone from way back in the past wanted to write a research paper, they would have to the library to get their information instead of having the information at the tip od their fingertips.

The first computer was built in the late 1930s even then the computer didn’t have any internet. The internet didn’t come until 1969. It is easy to say that technology runs the world, and we don’t rely on horses as a mode of transportation anymore. We depend on cars instead. Technology has made tons of jobs more manageable. For example, if you walked into Mcdonalds and order. You notice that they have electronic menus and that the cashier gives you the change pretty fast. Because the cash register tells you how much change to give back.

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The school system has integrated technology into their learning plans and to help students learn. Technology is interactive and allows students to do research, and they can receive instant feedback. It can help students to become more passionate about what they’re learning. For example, if the students were learning about geography, they can use Google maps and Google earth instead of a picture. In the world right now, technology is playing a huge role. Currently, we are facing a pandemic, and it has interfered with the school year. The school year was canceled for the rest of the year, and many colleges have ordered students to go back home. Many college students come from all over the world technology has made it possible for students to learn still. Because of the internet, teachers are able to hold live lessons from their homes, despite even if students are in a different time zone.

But unfortunately, Technolgy has changed and shaped our society forever. People are too dependent on technology; for instance, the majority of people have been surround by technology their whole lives. We have our phone on us always whenever one leaves their phone behind. It feels like a sense of emptiness. Within the 21st century, we use the internet for the simplest tasks that we are more than capable of doing. Cellphones have been a blessing and a curse because we are able to have access to the internet, the news, family, friends, and bank accounts. Technology has made it possible for us to talk to our friends and family that’s across the world. For example, whenever I was younger, and my dad was still in the airforce when he would deploy to the middle east for months at a time.

We were able to talk to him through skype and the phone every other because of technology. Despite us being in a whole another country and time zone. While that is great and all but cellphones have created this isolation from friends and family. For instance, if someone goes out to eat with friends or family and after they order, you can notice that people aren’t engaging and arent having a conversation with each other. While they wait for their food, instead, they are on their phones scrolling away. The use of computers and or gaming console for an extended period can strain your eyes and affect your posture.

While technology has many benefits, but it has its cons as well, but it opened many can of worms. Technology has caused us not to think for ourselves anymore. Whenever we need an answer to questions, we just type into Google or ask Siri. The technology was designed to aid us and make our lives easier, but instead, we use it to make excuses for it. Nowadays, our primary way of communicating with our friends is through text messages. Due to the essive texting in today’s world and online chatting, many young adolescents writing skills have plummetted. And some don’t even know how to spell certain words due to spellcheck. Or how to use proper grammar, and many people don’t even know how to reads or write in cursive now. I believe that patience is a crucial virtue. Without it, time would feel like forever.

Because of the increased use of technology is causing most children, to have a shorter attention span. For example, if a website is taking too long to load, we just exit out of it and go to the next one. Some social media companies have taken note and applied it to their app. For instance, Vine, you can only post videos that are six seconds. Tic Tok, you can only make videos either 30 seconds or a minute long. Technology has many dark sides to it, and one of them being social media. Social media is a great way to stay connected to your friends and family and see what they are up to. But unfortunately, social media has and will continue to hurt people. Social media gives people a lack of privacy. You can find a lot about someone just by looking at their social media. Whenever someone posts on their social media, it’s going to stay on the internet forever.

Instagram celebrities and influencers post something on their social media for their fans to see. Most of them post perfect images of themselves. Gives their younger fans a fictionalized version of them rather then them being authentic. Obesity can be caused by technology because people are staying inside more to play video games, watching TV, or the phone rather than being active and going outside and exercise. Sitting down for an extended period of time, looking down at devices can cause pain and damage your neck and back. Technology has killed many every year. According to the Department of Transportation, 6,000 people died from texting and driving each year. Texting and driving have caused 1.6 million accidents each year.

While technology has forever impacted our society into making things simple for us without questions being asked, technology has made a lot of day to day life more comfortable, more efficient, and faster. This is all because so we can do things in the shortest amount of time possible, and using the least amount of physical and mental energy. Technology has and will continue to be apart of our society, but not all of it has had a positive outcome. Technology changed my life, and I couldn’t imagine a world without it. The world of technology is continuously progressing and evolving. There needs to be some sort of balance between technology and human life, so our life itself doesn’t become overbearing with it.

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