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Free essays on Playground are articles which discuss the importance, benefits and disadvantages of playgrounds. They explore the impact that playgrounds have on children's development, socialization, and overall well-being. These essays also examine the many different types of playgrounds available, including outdoor and indoor facilities, as well as the different types of playground equipment that are commonly used. Some essays may also discuss modern trends in playground design, and the role of playgrounds in schools, daycare centers, and public parks. The topics covered in free essays on Playground may also include playground safety, risk management, and the need for adult supervision at all times.
The Playground In The Classroom
Words • 844
Pages • 4
Fight or flight! Fight or flight! I think Henry was trying to figure out how to free himself, as any one of us would if we were being restrained. The internal impulse was the same in my four-year-old son as it is in an adult. He fought because he felt trapped, actually was trapped—held by both wrists, carried over the shoulder of a teacher. The transition from the playground to the classroom was difficult. The teachers tried all sorts of…...
The Playground For The Boys
Words • 1836
Pages • 8
For this week's assignment, I chose to complete my ethnography at a park called Swan Lake which is located in the same city that I live in. Swan Lake is a park/wildlife refuge for all species of ducks. The reason I choose this location is because today my wife and I will be taking care of our friend’s triplet boys Rory, Kason and Maddox while their parents have a much-needed date night. Since this assignment required us to observe people,…...
Let The Children Play
Words • 1422
Pages • 6
Play is essential to learning, and a topic that should not be ignored within the classroom and school community. Play is an important factor to children; through play their development increases socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively. It is not only an important part of a child’s development as a student but also a child’s development as an individual. The idea of letting children play all day in school to some is appalling and is often unheard of. Many parents and…...
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Playgrounds In Mississauga, Ontario
Words • 430
Pages • 2
This article describes the different safety issues in neighborhood parks and pathways. The article begins by explaining how parks and pathways attract criminal activity. Thomas McKay, the police officer and a Crime Prevention Through Environment Design specialist in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, explained certain safety precautions that should be evaluated before choosing a pathway. He also describes how even lighting may not be enough to prevent criminal activity. McKay includes two pictures for the reader to choose which one shows the…...
Blank Park Playground
Words • 2336
Pages • 10
Whether it is in a classroom full of two-year-old toddlers or on a playground overrun with preschoolers, play is extremely important in furthering the development and early childhood education of young children. Moreover, analyzing play through a socio-cultural lens can allow us to “better understand the individuals” and the role of play, as Samuelson and Fleer explain in their book, Play and Learning in Early Childhood Settings (2009, p.13). To further explore this principle, I conducted one observation of play…...
A Fun-Loving Child
Words • 451
Pages • 2
As I sat light swaying on the swing, I reminisced of the times when I as well as everything around me was so innocent. It had been a few years since it happened and I could never get over the guilt of my choices. When I was young, I was a fun-loving child who adored playing at the playground with my dad on Saturdays. There was so much hope for me as the potential for me was limitless. As I…...
Hazards in Health/Social Care & Their Harm
Words • 606
Pages • 3
Fellowship is a private children’s house centre based in the Newham borough and they provide care and accommodation for children from six months to five years old with working and studying family members. This organisation has been put forward to help families in the local community as they provide ten hours of care from Monday to Friday. Within this setting there are a number of health, security and safety hazards that can occur, such as: Security Fellowship has rules and…...
The Overprotected Kid Summary
Words • 621
Pages • 3
In the opening of the article, the author criticizes that children of the 21st century have lost many of the childhood experiences such as playing in mud and rolling tires. The author uses the technique of descriptive language to create imagery. The use Of imagery not only create a realistic picture Of the situation but further engages the audience. ‘The ground is muddy in spots and at one end slope down steeply to a creek”. Rosin uses a small amount…...
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