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Back In The Playground Blues Poem
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The poem “Back in the Playground Blues” written by Adrian Mitchell is about a boy remembering about the time that he was at the playground. The poem is written in first person, and the “I” of the poem is completely scared of the playground. He remembered the time which he was there and of how much he suffered. He felt as if he was trapped in the big playground compared to his size, left unprotected by their parents from the…...
Explain Potential Hazards And The Harm That May Arise From Each In A Health Or Social Care Setting
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Fellowship is a private children’s house centre based in the Newham borough and they provide care and accommodation for children from six months to five years old with working and studying family members. This organisation has been put forward to help families in the local community as they provide ten hours of care from Monday to Friday. Within this setting there are a number of health, security and safety hazards that can occur, such as: Security Fellowship has rules and…...
The Overprotected Kid Summary
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In the opening of the article, the author criticizes that children of the 21st century have lost many of the childhood experiences such as playing in mud and rolling tires. The author uses the technique of descriptive language to create imagery. The use Of imagery not only create a realistic picture Of the situation but further engages the audience. ‘The ground is muddy in spots and at one end slope down steeply to a creek”. Rosin uses a small amount…...
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