Logistics – This is finding out all the materials you would need for a major project. For e.g. in the army organising where all there troops should be and when ready for either battle, housing, medical treatment and catering. The best way to ensure this all happens safely is to have and experienced team of logistics and to plan it all out before.Disasters – There are two main types f paper based disaster teams.Seminar – A seminar is a discussion that’s carried to tell all the agencies all their roles and responsibilities, and the sort of emergency procedure that might be required in the case of a major incident.

They normally attend the seminar as a large team which will then be broken down into smaller ones.Tabletop – This is also a discussion similar to a seminar but usually involves smaller groups. The public services and any other agencies talk through the way and order they would respond to a specific incident if it was happen for real.

They are normally conducted in a conference room around a conference table. These exercises are effective for testing these incident plans, as they bring up and highlight and weaknesses in a safe environment where people lives are not at risk.Physical Training – Physical training is one the best ways to do conduct and effective team work. A good example of this is when playing sports such as rugby, football, basketball etc. This is because the whole team motivate eachother to try and win the game which gives a high team spirit, and a good sense of teamwork.

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