Walmart Teamwork Within the Company

It is essential to have teamwork within a company. Companies who have embraced the concept of teamwork have reported increased performance in work production, problem solving and it has stimulated new growth. This group project approach has improved employee morale and increased input when managed correctly. The benefits of teamwork can make a positive effect in the company that incorporates this type of teamwork approach. As each new project is started, a new team leader may be assigned. The reason for this is with each new project the area of expertise needed may change.

 The Benefits Of Encouraging And Rewarding Positive Behaviour

These teamwork groups are helpful to the manager. By delegating the responsibility of a project to the designated group, it lessen his/her workload with confidence the group project will be done correctly and on time with only minute participation needed from him/her. The high performance of these teams makes the use of group teamwork an important part of the company’s work ethics.

An employee needs to have certain attributes to be a productive member on a team. Those are the ability to be a team player and possess the knowledge and skills necessary to complete their assigned portion of the work task.

After completion of their portion, the employee should be willing to assist other team members with completion of all work tasks until the project is completed. Without these major attributes the team will flounder and be less productive. This is the main reason teamwork is so very important to the success of the company, because a company is only as qualified and deserving as the employees it hires and trains.

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There are ways to encourage teamwork within organizations. Be selective as to who is brought onto your team. Communicate the goals of the team. Establish the rules for the team.

Identify potential questions and issues. And the most important lesson is to have fun. Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart believes that their teamwork is what makes them so special. He is quoted saying, “Aren’t we a group of ordinary folks? We really are. And I think we, together as a team, have done extraordinary things. We’ve all grown, we’ve all accomplished much more than any of us ever thought that we could. ” Wal-Mart believes in the power of teamwork. As the business grows and the pace of modern life quickens, Sam’s philosophy of teamwork has become even more important to Wal-Mart.

Their ability to work together affects the quality of service that the customers receive. To give the very best service to their customers, and to each other, they rely on guidelines that make their culture great. It also makes them a proud member of the Wal-Mart family. Wal-Mart has three basic beliefs that are an integral part of their teamwork. The first is respect for the individual. They encourage team members to express their thoughts and ideas. They expect team members to treat others with dignity. This allows the most basic way to show and earn respect.

The second is service to the customers. The customers are the reason Wal-Mart is in business, so they should treat them that way. They offer quality merchandise at the lowest prices, and they do it with the best customer service possible. They look for every opportunity where they can exceed our customers’ expectations. That’s when they are at their very best. The last is striving for excellence. Wal-Mart is proud of their accomplishments but they are never satisfied. They constantly reach further to bring new ideas and goals to life.

They model themselves after Sam Walton, who was never satisfied until prices were as low as they could be or that a product’s quality was as high as customers deserved and expected. They demonstrate the passion they have for their business, for their customers and for their communities. Within the teamwork at Wal-Mart, they offer open communication, mutual support and mutual respect. These concepts allow Wal-Mart to succeed both internally and externally. I think that Wal-Mart is a great example of a company that relies on teamwork and that teamwork makes the company work effectively and efficiently.

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