Disadvantage Of Teamwork

Sometimes, for some people the workplace in teamwork is a bad place to be. In order to work with other people and be as efficient as you can, you should try to accept all the features and whims that the others may have. Furthermore, working with other people for achieving the same goal, requires being a lot patient and sometimes tolerant along the way. Every person has their own personality, character and of course influenced by their culture, religion and values.

Essay Example on Drawbacks Of Teamwork

Therefore, it’s normal in working teams that opinion between employees to vary, but in some cases people become very aggressive on the others because they believe that their thought is the correct one. In addition, they may do not want to hear anything else about a specific topic and have difficulty accepting ideas that may differ from their own, this will result as an unnecessary disruption which may leads to breakdowns in working relationships.

Also, an equivalent attitude by two or more team members may lead a team member to go against his/her better judgment in order to escape the wrath of others or to facilitate the completion of the project. Furthermore, there are some projects which have a time limit and a deadline. According to the ‘enterprenier. com’ a team sometimes needs more time to produce a desire result.

Generally, teams typically need to go through a variety of processes, such as member selection, organisation and socialization in order to complete the task at hand.

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Therefore, teams need to work hard enough to finish the project efficiently and on time in order to get a satisfactory result. http://www. mindtools. com/pages/article/newTMM_84. htm http://smallbusiness. chron. com/disadvantages-teamwork-workplace-1937. html

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Disadvantage Of Teamwork
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