Use Games Like Minecraft to Encourage Teamwork

Video games! Children absolutely love these playful gadgets,these joyful games makes the child’s day everyday. The first commercial arcade video game was called pong by nutting associates. This firstly came with a console game called the ATARI. These video games are now world wide in the world and people liked video games and bought them for a high price. This of course kept the franchise going to better productions. There are also some other bad things on the other side.

These video games can cause violent behavior, eyesight problems, and health issues. These games can be dangerous in different ways.

Video games have been around since 1970 and parents have no more control over there child. That means that children stare and stay at a television for more than four hours and maybe children stay overnight for till it’s midnight. Without children getting enough sleep then they won’t have enough energy for school to study. If this method keep on going then this increases the chances of dropping out of school when they get in high school or college.

This would of course be bad choice to the person. Also video games can cause eyesight problems to children.

Video games can so far cause health problems. Video games have been around for 48 years and so this could have became of weight increase on the people, depending on how much time people spend on video games. People mostly recommend children at the age of 13 or lower are supposed to play 1 or less hours of gaming.

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Any other advancements might cause eyesight problems. Children do not have the same problem that adults have in video games. Adults can spend up to 6 hours of gaming and children can only spend an hour. This is because their brains are not fully developed.

Most children need to wait until they get to 18 to start playing. All of these habits can increase the chances of getting glasses as future proceeding options.There is this specific structure in the video game that can damage the eye really badly. It is so far called “Blue Light” that can damage the eye. Light can reflect from the eye really easily and blue light doesn’t reflect back at the eye. It stays in the eye. This blue light can rot the eye from the inside which causes them to get blind. The bad thing is that it rots slowly in the eye and people spend up to 4 hours of gaming and also people don’t stop to rest they keep this going which increases the chances of getting glasses. This does not get even better.

We all know video games can cause addicts, But what most people don’t recognize is the results in the end. Children have claims of the realistic features and what they confront in there major game lives to the point of them saying that it’s there life and what they live for. Children get addicted really easy with games. These addicts get serious by everyday. There is a big percent of people who get addicted easily. This could end in a bad cause. Many of them spend 2-5 hours and keep increasing their time. Playing video games can be a fun way to unwin 3d or spend time with friends. In schools, teachers use games like Minecraft to encourage teamwork and critical thinking.But for some players, gaming is an unhealthy habit. At night, they are glued to a screen. Schoolwork suffers. The video-game world seems a friendlier place than the real one.

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Use Games Like Minecraft to Encourage Teamwork
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