My goal is speech therapy teamwork

I always wanted a profession that involved working directly with people, and where I could see first hand the results of all my efforts. At college whilst looking at various career options I did some research into communication disorders and sciences, and discovered that it was really interesting, and sounded like the sort of thing I wanted to do.

To me it’s a challenging and dynamic professional, that throws up many exciting work opportunities in fields such as; schools, hospitals, nursing facilities, and private practices just to name a few.

It’s a career where I will be able to use all the skills, knowledge and facilities at my disposal to make my patients better, and to help them achieve their goals.

I feel I am suitable for this role because I am a motivated, capable and a patient focused individual, who wants to make a positive difference and lasting change to people’s lives. Having always been a firm believer that our voice in the most powerful tool that an individual can possess.

I feel that this is a career that will give me an opportunity to have an enormous influence on the people who I come into contact with.

I am an independent, intrinsically motivated thinker, who is also self-directed and creative. I already posses considerable understanding of the nature of speech therapy, as well as the interdisciplinary teamwork and skilled communications required to meet the demands of contemporary health and social care. The patient will always be at the center of what I do, and I have a strong desire to learn more and study speech therapy at the highest level.

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In undergraduate college I was given enquiry-based, interrogative and problem based learning. The college had an incredibly supportive environment, and what I learned in the classroom, gave me a real insight into the world of speech therapy.

To gain practical experience in this field I was chosen as a clinician assistant in the Oklahoma Sate University Speech and Hearing clinic. In the role, I worked alongside a first year graduate student and assisted with patients who faced speech challenges within their lives, we were tasked with assisting them in any way we could to enable them to become more independent individuals. I assisted in teaching patients new speech skills, and showed them how to engage in conversations with unfamiliar listeners. I was also involved in undertaking general administrative tasks, for example writing reports, maintaining records and taking therapy data. I learned much about how to help people with their decision-making, reasoning, problem-solving, memory and social skills. I left that role with the feeling that I have the experience of being able to provide an effective speech therapy service that is client centered, evidence based and meets the physical, mental and spiritual needs of clients.

The reputation your Speech Therapy department was what initially drew me towards your university. Upon further investigation I was pleased to discover that your courses allow students to continually apply theory to practice throughout their education, and that you offer students selective placement opportunities, which will mean I can put into practice what I have learned, in an environment of my choice. I was told that many of your lecturers currently are involved in research, meaning that they are at the cutting edge of developing the practices and techniques that are relevant to ever-changing speech needs.

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My goal is speech therapy teamwork
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