Early American And Colonial Literature Review

Topics: America
What are the elements of a national literature?
Setting, tone, theme, characters

What are the characteristics of early American literature?
The characteristics of American Literature tend to follow movements in American History. Few broad details of American Literature movements are that they often followed characteristic English Literary movements, but tended to be a few years behind (ie: Romanticism). Additionally, American Literature often reflects American ideals and themes: from the escape from English rule and religious oppression, to becoming our own nation and people, our literature reflects the early religious questions (Who is God and what does He want? How can I find knowledge without the church? Where is the balance of religion and nature and the human experience?), the exploration of new frontiers, slavery and then freedom writings, and equality and individuality writing (which includes the voice of many minorities, not just women and Black Americans).

Who were America’s earliest writers and what were their concerns?

What are the elements of persuasive writing?

What arguments for or against the use of Native American mascots exist?

What does the poetry of colonial America show us about the period?

How does the structure of a poem affect its meaning?

What do Puritan sermons reveal about the pressure of colonial life?

What were some primary tenets of Puritan beliefs?

What genres does American literature include?

What historical insights can an autobiography impart?

How can the written word lead to revolution?

What elements make persuasive writing effective?

How is the Declaration of Independence structured?

How much time should I devote to the writing process during a timed test?

What strategies can I use to improve my confidence writing under time constraints?

Why was literacy a prime concern in the Massachusetts Bay colony?
people could read the Bible and protect themselves from sin.

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How does early American English differ from contemporary English?
Early American English is generally more formal.

Which of the following statements gives the best summation of life in Plymouth Plantation?
There was discord and tension among the settlers, but they resolved their differences.

Puritan writers did all of the following in their writing except?
Use sensory descriptions to have readers experience what they wrote.

In persuasive writing it is important to…
Anticipate, address counterarguments,
clearly state you position, and
provide facts and examples to backup your position

“Redskin” was originally a term for……
The bounty placed on Indians.

The governments first target in educating Indian children was their……

Which persuasive technique Fred Veilleux employs in the passage?
Help people imagine what its like to experience the condition you want to change.

If you are reading a book, and it says that professor smith is hatching an insidious plot, you know…
He is dangerous

Johnathon Edwards was a…..

why is Edwards god so angry
Because his men was sinful and wicked.

In “sinners in the hands of an angry god” Edwards establishes various conclusions and then applies those conclusions to his congregation. what strategy does Edwards use to make the application of his conclusions seem very personal and relevant to his audience?
He switches from a third person to a second person point of view.

What writing convention does Johnathan Edwards use to persuade his audience?
Imagery, metaphor, and hyperbole

What movement extinguished many revivals leading up to the great awakening ?
The enlightenment

The first autobiography by a black man in america…..
Oladuah Equiano

The term “The middle passage” refers to…..
The trip between West Africa and the islands of the Caribbean.

The Great Awakening
A revival of religious fervor which spread through the colonies in the 1730s and 1740s, John Edwards.

William Bradford wrote which work?
Wrote, Of Plymouth Plantation, Puritan group, 3rd person point of view, was aiming towards Virginia but ended up in Cape Cod, Mass.

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Early American And Colonial Literature Review
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