Early American Literature Test - Atkins 2017

What does the speaker claim at the beginning of “To My Dear and Loving Husband”?
Her relationship is the best that there ever was.

Which description from “Upon the Burning of Our House” shows the speaker’s belief that faith in God is more important than earthly possessions?
“moldering dust”

The speaker of “Upon the Burning of Our House” reveals her belief that God is protective when she says that God will
provide everything she needs

Bradstreet uses hyperbole in the first four lines of “To My Dear and Loving Husband” to exaggerate the truth that
she and her husband love each other

The speaker of “Upon the Burning of Our House” learns of the fire when
she wakes up during the night and hears people screaming

Which line from “Upon the Burning of Our House” indicates that the speaker misses her home after it burns down?
“There lay that store I counted best”

The “hope and treasure” that the speaker refers to at the end of “Upon the Burning of Our House” represent
eternal life and happiness from faith in God

Which of the following is the major theme of Anne Bradstreet’s poem ‘The Author to Her Book?
The parent-child relationship

In “The Author to Her Book”, why does Bradstreet use the metaphysical conceit of an illegitimate orphan to describe her book of poetry? *
She feels that the poems were taken from her and thrown out into the world

Anne Bradstreet is mainly known for writing poems about all of the following except for

Which of the following is a recurring theme in Bradstreet’s work?
Puritan belief that one must not become too attached to things of the world

Anne Bradstreet is considered the first American poet (true or false)

In “Huswifery,” the poet compares the speaker to
a loom

What does the poet of “Huswifery” use to show that practicing faith is an everyday activity?
a metaphor that compares practicing faith to making cloth

The speaker in “Huswifery” hopes to be ready for
eternal life

In “Huswifery,” what does the metaphor that compares the speaker with a loom and God with a weaver suggest about Puritan life?
Making cloth at home was an everyday activity.

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Both Bradstreet and Taylor have written poetry that expresses the
daily challenges of living in the new world

Another common element both Bradstreet and Taylor share is that they use their poetry to express the view that
God does not desert people

Edward Taylor’s main profession was

Although Taylor’s poems were written in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, they were not available to the public until
200 years later

Taylor’s poems were discovered in this university’s library in 1937

Taylor’s poems are usually put into 2 groups, Preparatory Meditations and
God’s Determinations

Only one book of poetry was found amongst Edward Taylor’s possessions.

This book was written by

Anne Bradstreet

Taylor’s poems are primarily addressed to
God and/or Christ

As part of his Meditations organizational method, the poems typically involve 3 faculties of the soul–Memory, Understanding, and

What was the preferred name for communion among the Puritans?
The Lord’s Supper

Which of the following forms best describes traditional Native American literatures in origin?
oral performance

Before the American Revolution, in what language was the largest book printed in any of the thirteen colonies?

Which of the following European navigators did not sail the Atlantic directly to the Americas during the century after Columbus’s first voyage?
Vasco da Gama

Which of the following foods did European colonists bring to the Americas?
Wheat, onions, radishes and sugar cane.

Among the hundred people on the Mayflower when it landed in Massachusetts in 1620, how many were Separatists?
about one quarter

Who wrote The Selling of Joseph, one of the earliest antislavery tracts written and published in North America?
Samuel Sewall

By what means did Native Americans record their experience of European invasion and colonialism?
shellwork belts, written texts, and painted animal hides, tepees, and shields

What famous work, collecting the literary productions of countless European mariners, was edited by Richard Hakluyt?
The Principal Navigations

For two centuries after its name was changed to New York in 1664, what language continued to be used widely in public and private life?

Which of the following languages was not spoken by Native Americans in 1492?

Which of the following is an accurate statement about the difference between Native Americans and European colonists in 1492?
Unlike most of the Native Americans, the European colonists used a written alphabet

Whose writing best typifies ‘early American writing’ as a literature of witness to the ruthless destruction of Native American cultures by Europeans?
Bartolome de las Casas

By what means did Cortés seek to justify his invasion of Mexico in violation of directives from Spain? *
sending several long letters to Charles V and promising lavish returns if his conquest could proceed.

Of what cause did native people begin to die almost immediately after the arrival of Europeans in the Americas?
war, enslavement, brutal mistreatment, diseases brought from Europe

With what European literary movement came recognition from a Western perspective of Native American verbal expression as a literature?

Under what condition did Columbus return to Spain in 1500?
in chains

Which of the following was a type of writing practiced by the prolific writer and clergyman Cotton Mather?
moral invectives against the institution of slavery

Which of the following is not a primary purpose that colonists sent written texts to Europe?
to counter Native American responses to European chronicles of events

Which European nation most aggressively expanded its presence in the Americas through colonial conquest?

Which of the following is not one of the characteristics of Native American Literature?
Ornate and elevated language

Which of the following is not one of the Main Purposes of European Explorers Literature?
to recruit skilled sailors to crew the increased demand for the number of ships traveling to the “New World”

One of the characteristics of Puritan Literature is that it makes strong use of personification, alliteration, simile, metaphor, and__________________

The Puritans modeled their plain style of writing off of which version of The Bible?

In the earliest of years associated with American Literature, the majority of what was written came from:
European Explorers

What happened after the Pilgrims discovered that they had landed on Cape Cod?
They considered heading for the Hudson River, but were blocked by rocks and rough seas.

2. To what cause does Bradford attribute the weakening of the Plymouth community, starting about 1632?

With how many ships did the Pilgrims set forth from Holland in 1620?

After establishing their colony at Plymouth, the Pilgrims faced a difficult first winter. How many of the original one hundred survived this first season?

Why was the contractual agreement known as the Mayflower Compact necessary?
Mutinous members of the company sought to take advantage of the fact that their charter had been for Virginia, and the ship had landed far outside of that jurisdiction.

Which person established a “mad Bacchanalian” settlement at Merrymount that disgusted Bradford with its lewd and shiftless behavior?
Thomas Morton

Upon their arrival on Cape Cod, what did the Pilgrims find to sustain them in their trials?
God and His grace

What did the colonists do first when they arrived in North America?
fell on their knees and blessed God

The “First Encounter” is the name the colonists gave to their first experience with
Native Americans

Which detail shows that fairness was a cultural characteristic of the colonists?
The colonists repaid the Nauset Indians when they took the Nausets’ corn and beans

Which sentence is the best summary of “The Starving Time”?
Many people died, and the few strong people took care of the weak.

Squanto helped the colonists by
interpreting for them

What problem did the colonists encounter upon their arrival at Cape Cod?
There was a lack of shelter in the face of brutal winter conditions.

William Bradford’s description of the colonists’ victory in the “First Encounter” reveals the cultural characteristic that the colonists
felt that God protected them in their endeavors

Bradford gives special recognition to William Brewster and Myles Standish because they
worked tirelessly to care for the people during a period of sickness and starvation

What cultural characteristic of the colonists is most evident in this term from the treaty with Massasoit? “If any did unjustly war against him, they would aid him; if any did war against them, he should aid them.”
belief in mutual support

Summarize the conditions the Pilgrims faced at the time of the First Thanksgiving.
The harvest was small, but game and corn were plentiful.

Accounts of real-life historical experiences, written by either a person who experienced those events or someone who studied or observed them are called
historical narratives

Letters, diaries, journals, speeches, autobiographies, and histories are examples of
primary sources

Records of events written by people who were not directly involved in the events are called
secondary sources

Puritanism covered a period from
1550s to 1700

All of the following are lasting effects of the Puritans except for
high fashion style

The Puritan belief that good was accomplished through hard work, self-reliance, and self-discipline is called
the Puritan Ethic

William Bradford served as governor of the Plymouth Colony for how many terms?

Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation was lost for how many years?

Smith says that the other Jamestown leaders were
lazy during times of peace

When Smith as the narrator says he built other’s shelters before he built his own, he is portraying his actions as

Restate “The President and Captain Archer not long after intended also to have abandoned the country, which project was curbed and suppressed by Smith.”
Smith stopped the President and Captain Archer from leaving the colony

How was Smith saved from death in Powhatan’s court
Pocahontas offered her life for Smith’s

The Native Americans were important to the colonists because they
brought food to the colonists

What is the most likely reason that President Ratcliffe and Martin appointed Smith to oversee the activities outside the walls of the colony
Smith worked harder than everyone else

The narrator’s comment the “what he carefully provided the rest carelessly spent” allows Smith to portray himself as
more sensible than the other colonists

Smith includes descriptions of the disagreements among the Jamestown leaders because he
feels it is better to reveal shame than ignore it

Smith’s comment that “while himself by following sought them victuals” means that Smith
hunted birds to get food for them

What does Smith’s description of giving gifts to the Native Americans reveal about
His reference to the gifts as toys suggest that he viewed Powhatan and his people as childlike

In “New England’s Trials,” Smith says that how many men accompanied him on his initial journeys?

Interpret “Thus you may see plainly the yearly success from New England (by Virginia) which hath been so costly to this kingdom and dear to me”
His journey to the New England area was a waste of his efforts

In “A Description of New England,” Smith says that his purpose is:
have towns send their orphans and young married people to settle New England

Smith’s writing style can best be described as
action oriented propaganda

By writing about himself in the 3rd person, Smith creates this type of effect on his writing
a “tall-tale” feel

One possible reason Smith wrote about himself in the 3rd person, is so that
he could gain a higher government position

All of the following are themes in Smith’s “General History” except for
living a quiet life int the country

At 1 point Smith uses 1 of the Native American guides as a shield during a violent encounter. What should this action tell us about Smith?
devalued Native American lives

John Smith is credited with all of the following excerpt for
Survived a fall from a 1000 foot high waterfall

After his life is spared, Smith gives Powhatan
2 guns and a grindstone

All of the following are reasons Smith considered the journey to America ill-advised except for
their boat had several leaks

When the Indians decide to spare the colonists, Smith attributes their change of heart to
God’s blessing

Wingfield, the colony’s first president, was removed from office because he
hoarded food and tried to escape with one of the ships

How many people died within the first four months of the colony’s existence?

In “New England’s Trials,” Smith says that Native Americans killed the English because
They wanted their weapons and commodities

accounts of real-life historical experiences, written by either a person who experienced those events or someone who studied or observed them
Historical Narratives

the way in which a literary work is put together – the arrangement of its parts

a type of folktale that features an animal or human character who typically engages in deceit, violence, and magic
Trickster Tale

A form of autobiographical writing that shares personal experiences as well as observations of significant historical events or people

the ideas, details, and social context from the author’s time that influence the written work
Historical Context

Folk tales, myths, fables, and legends passed orally from one generation to the next
Folk Literature

When a writer writes for one of these reasons: to inform, entertain, express, or persuade

materials written by people present at the event
Primary sources

a traditional story, usually involving supernatural beings that explains how some aspect of human nature came to be

a figure of speech that compares 2 things that have something in common

an indirect reference to a person, place, event, or literary work with which the author believes the reader will be familiar

character types that can be found in literary works from different cultures throughout the ages

that were once in common use but that are now considered old-fashioned or out-of-date
Archaic Language

records of events written by people who were not directly involved in the events
secondary sources

a comparison between 2 essentially unlike things that nevertheless have something in common
extended metaphor

sentence structure in which the expected order or words
inverted syntax

a specific kind of myth typically describing how the universe, earth and life began
creation myth

person(s) who are intended to read a piece of writing

language that communicates ideas beyond literal meaning of words
figurative language

messages designed to persuade an audience by creating strong feelings
emotional appeals

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