English 11B - Semester Exam [Flashcards] 2017

The nonfictions novel was a creation of ___ writers.
C) Postmodernist

Which of the following conflicts influenced modernist writers?
B) World War I

The rebirth of African American musical and literary talent is known as the ___.
D) Harlem Renaissance.

Both Langston Hughes and __________ wrote about the inequality of African Americans during the modernist literary period.
D) Ralph Ellison

In the 1960s, poetry became ___.
B) Less traditional

Beat generation writers thought that traditional forms of literature should be ___.
B) Rejected

Like the modernists, postmodern writers focused on _____________ experience and emphasized the effects of cultural divisions.

A) Subjective

A memoir is a nonfiction account of one ___.
B) Person’s experiences

What does Kurt Vonnegut use in his short story “Harrison Bergeron” to criticize society’s attempts to make everyone equal?
A) Satire and irony

The term tone is used to describe an author’s ___.
A) Attitude

Compared to the other wounded soldiers, the narrator in Ernest Hemingway’s short story “In Another Country” believes he is ___.

D) Less courageous

With symbolism, authors use concrete objects to represent ___.
A) Abstract ideas

In “Babylon Revisited,” why did F. Scott Fitzgerald choose the title to be metaphoric of Paris?
B) It represents the ruins of American “royalty” in Paris.

Which of the following uses allegory to symbolize something deeply spiritual or to present a moral lesson?
A) “Babylon Revisited”

Why does the narrator in Langston Hughes’s short story “Why, You Reckon?”
D) He has no job and needs money to buy something to eat.

What does the phrase “even in the boy’s ten years” in line 2 suggest?
C) The family has moved a lot during the boy’s life.

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When the father talks about the man who will “own” him, he is talking about his ___.
A) Boss

In which lines does the author use hyperbole?
D) Lines 20-24

The last paragraph describes the boy’s ___.
c) Innocence

Summiting Mount Everest was a dream of Mandy’s; reaching this goal was the most *gratifying* experience of her life.
B) Rewarding

If we complained about *indiscernible* ailments as children, Mommy would say, “Don’t go looking for trouble, because it will find you.”
B) Vague

Using a wooden ruler to scratch the skin surrounded by his leg cast, Tyler *dolefully* watched the rest of the soccer team load up on the bus.
B) Sadly

No amount of kicking, screaming, or pleading could *dissuade* my mother, who was solidly determined to have us learn the language of our heritage.
B) Discourage

After hearing horror stories, the babysitter was relieved to find the children so *compliant*.
B) Obedient

It will have a tremendous negative economic impact on their organization and, we hope, will convince them that it is not worth it to keep a *pejorative* name for their team.
B) Negative

In “I Want to Be Miss América,” why did the sisters iron their hair?
C) To follow American fashion trends.

What is unusual about the conversation in “Sure You Can Ask Me a Personal Question”?
D) The reader only gets one side of the conversation.

Wong’s grandmother embarrasses her in “The Struggle to Be an All-American Girl” by ___.
A) sticking out at the American supermarket.

In “Where Have You Gone, Charming Billy?,” why can’t Berlin stop laughing at the thought of Billy dying?
B) It was ironic that Billy would die of a heart attack at war.

What theme does the title of Tobias Wolff’s short story “Mortals” reflect?
C) People worry about how they will be remembered after they die.

When Sasha finally put down the book, the sun was beginning to rise over the horizon.
D) To rise over the horizon

Identify the sentence that uses a modifier correctly.
C) When Alex came home, his parents were waiting up for him.

Which term describes an adverbial clause that has certain words missing?
B) Elliptical

They *keeped* the alligators in a separate enclosure so the flamingos would be safe.
A) Kept

That factory *will produce* more than 10 million chocolate bars this month.
C) Future

The Cougars had been winning until the third quarter of the game.
C) Past perfect progressive

Last night, the man ________ told me about the meteor shower was at the same park as we were.
B) Who

“By my calculations, the professor was about fifty-five times more powerful than a Nagasaki-type atomic bomb at the time he went into hiding.He was not bluffing when, on the eve of ‘Operation Brainstorm,’ he told General Honus Barker: ‘Sitting here at the dinner table, I’m pretty sure I can flatten anything on earth—from Joe Louis to the Great Wall of China.'”
D) Kurt Vonnegut

“Where are we going, Walt Whitman?The doors close in an hour.Which way does your beard point tonight? (I touch your book and dream of our odyssey in the supermarket and feel absurd.) Will we walk all night through solitary streets?The trees add shade to shade, lights out in the houses, we’ll both be lonely.”
E) Allen Ginsberg

“Well, sir, Edward never did get back no more that evenin’ to the Dixie Bar.No, pal, uh-hum!’Cause we nabbed him.When he come back down the street in his evenin’ clothes and all, with a swell black overcoat on that I wished I had, just a-tippin’ so as not to slip up and fall on the snow, I grabbed him.”
B) Langston Hughes

Something there is that doesn’t love a wall, That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it, And spills the upper boulders in the sun;And makes gaps even two can pass a breast.
F) Robert Frost

“We were all at the hospital every afternoon, and there were different ways of walking across the town through the dusk to the hospital.Two of the ways were alongside canals, but they were long.Always, though, you crossed a bridge across a canal to enter the hospital.”
A) Ernest Hemingway

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English 11B - Semester Exam [Flashcards] 2017
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