Honors English 10 Semester 1

Members of a family share certain values.
Members of a family share certain values. Values and beliefs are passed on from the older family members to the younger. Values can be either good or not so good. A good value from my family would be to be respectful of your elders. However, some might see that as old fashioned and think older people are just a waste of space. Some families might only eat certain foods that they were taught to eat by their elders or only eat specific foods on holidays.

Another value that my family shares is that we celebrate Valentine’s day together. It’s not about boyfriends and girlfriends it’s just about loving each other. So I believe that family members do share certain values.

In “The Aztec Creation Story,” what is the most likely reason Nanahuatzin jumped into the fire first?
C. He did not want to disappoint the other gods who had encouraged him.

In “The Aztec Creation Story,” what finally caused the sun and moon to move?
D. The wind, Ehecatl, blew very hard.

which of the following is not true about creation stories?
D. The stories contain a heroic character with a tragic flaw.

the word “penance”, used in the selection, comes from the Latin word “paenitentia”, meaning “penitence.” Which of the following words most likely shares the same origin?
B. penalty

Which type of noun is underlined in the sentence below?
A swam of “insects” surround the raft as we drifted down the river.

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C. common

Read the following sentence from “No Dogs Bark.” Which literary element does author Juan Rulfo employ?
“The moon came out of the earth like a round flare.”
B. simile

In the story “No Dogs Bark,” the noise of the barking dogs most likely symbolizes
D. the breakdown in communication between father and son.

Which of the following is a sentence fragment in this excerpt from “No Dogs Bark”?
“I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing this for your dead mother. Because you were her son. That’s why I’m doing it.”
C. “That’s why I’m doing it.”

Have you ever rafted down the Chattanooga River?
C. ever

When rafting, you must always wear a life jacket.
C. always

Which figure of speech does Paz use most frequently in “Two Bodies”?
A. metaphor

Paz uses all of the following except
C. simile.

In the following lines from “Two Bodies,” what does the desert most likely symbolize?
“Two bodies face to face
are at times two stones
and night is a desert.”
A. loneliness

Which of the following is a sentence fragment?
D. Because of his insistence on being right

In “Crossroads: A Sad Vaudeville,” the Flagman’s primary purpose in the play is to
C. provide commentary on the central problem.

How does the Flagman change during “Crossroads: A Sad Vaudeville”?
D. He becomes mysterious.

Dramatic irony is presents when
D. the audience knows something that the character does not.

Which of the following sentences turns the phrase fragment below into an appositive phrase?
To finish my work.
A. My New Year’s resolution, to finish my work faster, is progressing well.

The diction of “At the Tourist Centre in Boston” can best be described as
C. informal and simple.

The photo of the family in “At the Tourist Centre in Boston” is portrayed as
A. unrealistic

What is the tone of the following lines in “At the Tourist Centre in Boston”?
I seem to remember people,
at least in the cities, also slush
machines and assorted garbage. Perhaps
that was my private mirage
which will just evaporate
when I go back.
B. ironic

Which of the following is a clause fragment?
C. Which rarely happens.

All of the following define the theme except
C. the methods of characterization employed by the writer.

Which of the following is a theme of “Day of the Butterfly”?
A. We all desire to belong — to have a friend.

Which of the following quotes from “Day of the Butterfly” best communicates the author’s message about friendship?
B. “I realized the pledge as our fingers touched; I was panicky, but all right.”

In “Day of the Butterfly” Myra and Jimmy would spend recess in the little black porch between the Boy’s Side and the Girl’s Side because
B. they did not want to be separated.

Which of the following correctly joins the clause fragment and the sentence below?
Even though it is supposed to rain. The party will be perfect.
C. Even though it is supposed to rain, the party will be perfect.

A fundamental theme of the Gettysburg Address is
C. the appeal for preservation of democracy in the United States.

By referring to the framers of the Declaration of Independence as “our father,” Lincoln appeals to his listeners’
A. feeling of pride and belonging.

The organizational pattern of the Gettysburg Address is
C. chronological, because Lincoln talks about the past, present, and future of the nation.

Which of the following is correct definition of a sentence fragment?
A. an incomplete sentence

Which of the following is the correct definition of an appositive?
B. a phrase used to define something mentioned in a sentence

Because we discussed the topic of the test in great detail.

choosing fresh fruit as a snack is a good idea.

That she was the only one who came made a huge difference in our plans.

Until Miguel stops caring about the work he is doing.

Since the President has traveled to many South American countries.

In which of the following selections is point of view used to highlight contradictions in what is being described?
C. “At The Tourist Centre in Boston”

Which of the following statements are true of both third-person objective and third-person omniscient point of view?
B. The narrator observes but does not participate in the story’s action.

Recall the definition of the prefix omni-, Which of the following best defines the adjective omnipotent?
A. all-powerful

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