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Malcolm Anomnachi UMES ID#: 1194723 Aundra C. Roberts, B. A. Program Coordinator The Honors Program/General Studies University of Maryland Eastern Shore Richard Hazel Hall Suite 2051 11868 Academic Oval Princess Anne, MD 21853 My Goals and Academic Interests There is a slogan in my country that says “A fool at forty is fool forever”; this could be explained to be an assumed concept that one who hasn’t realized his purpose or potential in life by the optimum time of his life (usually age 40), probably never will.

My adolescent-hood was nothing to be proud of because I never acted like I could ever imagine myself having a successful future; I lived my life however I wanted without thinking about how my actions could affect me in the future. I was lucky to be given a second chance and since then I haven’t misused it. I have a lot of academic goals, but they shall all end up aiding me to graduate from law school.

I currently finished a successful year at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and I must say that it was exceptionally interesting and I put all other distractions aside to make sure that I passed in flying colors.

Honors Program Essay Sample

I am a Criminal Justice major and I intend to use the knowledge obtained from my degree to pass the LSAT to go law school; I also intend to work at a Criminal Justice Agency of my choice while I attend law school. I chose to pursue a career in law after I realized my strongest ground was Arguing, I participated in a lot of high school debates and I usually got in trouble for excessively quarrelling with my high school instructors on class related matters of which I had strong oppositions for.

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I decided to channel this negative passion into a more subtle and legal manner; I also have a long history of relatives associated with the law so I decided to continue the family tradition to become a Defense Attorney. My grandfather, who was a Chief Judge in Nigeria, died in 1996, and since then his law firm has operated at slow pace, I plan to run the place by the time I gain enough experience in the years to come and do wonderful things. I have a lot of goals that I plan to accomplish, but the one I would like to accomplish now is joining The Honors Program at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

I am looking for students that I can acknowledge as a challenge to me and I feel that most of those students are in the Honors Program. I think that this program will bring out my undiscovered intelligence because I always enjoy acquiring new information. I think one thing my father failed to realize in his lifetime is that it’s not always about what you know, but it’s also about who you know; if this opportunity is granted to me, I can meet different people who may be able to better my life in the future.

It is through this program that I intend to graduate from this university and attend law school at Cornell University, which is also associated with the Honors Program at this university, so becoming a member of this program will hopefully serve as a helpful transition. As a student, I would be lying if I said I didn’t need a help in tuition payment. I hope that joining this program and putting my best in my academic work will earn some sort of scholarship. In a nutshell, joining the Honors Program will open numerous doors for me.

I am a respectful student at this school and I maintain a good relationship with all of my instructors because I know that I am practically nothing without them. I strive for nothing but the best and that is why I wish to join this program. Apart from almost becoming a member of the Men’s Track and Field team at this university, I am also a current member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), so this will also be a good addition to my accomplishments in my college life. My main goal at the moment is to join the Honors Program and to excel in it so I hope you can help me accomplish this.

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Honors Program Essay Sample
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