An Observation of Classroom Gender for My Anthropology Honors Program Course

I completed this exercise in my anthropology honors program course, which in hindsight may not have been the best setting for reasons that will be discussed later, The class is comprised of six total students, two males and four females, with one female instructor. The course is mostly discussion based. We generally will begin the course by going around the room and discussing out projects and what we have accomplished in the past week Following this short discussion, our instructor will present on a topic and periodically open the presentation to questions or comments, and will of course allow us to interject any questions or comments we may have on the topic being presented, In total [ counted eleven points of participation from my classmates, Seven moments of participation came from female students while four came from the male students.

Eight of these pieces of participation were comments about the topic, or answers to questions from the professor, while two were responses to other students‘ questions and one other was a question to the professor.

There were not any interruptions during this class period from either male or female students. All moments of participation were very respectful, and frankly rather constructive; there were no moments where the conversation appeared hostile, or negative in any way. In very general terms the females had more questions than the males, 1:0, although I would say this is not very significant. The same could be said about the number of responses to other students, the males had one of these while the females had none.

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It is for these reasons why I stated earlier that this particular class might not have been the best to complete this exercise.

Because of the small classroom size and the respectful nature of our classroom environment there are hardly ever any interruptions or responses that take away from anything another student said. Generally speaking, responses and comments made in this class are stated equally and with respect. It is possible that this cohesive environment is a direct result of the class size being so small. If it was a larger class with a significant difference between the male and female population it is possible that the results of this exercise would have been different.

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