My Experience Semester At Sea Voyage

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As a marketing major, I have many academic goals such as acquiring knowledge in a good ambiance, to be able to share my talent and skill that would help me recognize my strengths and weaknesses as a person, and to graduate with greater knowledge and better perspective towards life and aspirations. As what Semester at Sea caters to its students, I can say that it could help me gain more knowledge in different aspects through interaction with different places and countries in the world.

John Tymitz, the Chief Executive Officer Emeritus of Semester at Sea stated the six important factors that students would experience while having their semester at sea. These are:Develop an awareness of some of the important elements of interdependence necessary for coexistence in the world today and tomorrow. Build insight and background for interpreting international problems and conflicts. Clarify awareness of your own culture through contrast with others. Grow through the challenge of living and learning in a closely integrated environment.

Interact with other cultures providing a historically relevant perspective of both developed and emerging nations of the world. ( six factors are connected to my academic goals meaning that Semester at Sea can help me obtain my academic goals in better locations and setup. What is wanted to learn from this semester is my way of communicating to other people. Because I am pursuing my marketing course, I need to convey my communication skills thoroughly to be able to become realistic to my ideas as a future marketer.

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Through Semester at Sea I would be able to use my communication skills as I go to different places and countries along with my educators and course mates.Semester at Sea would also help me recognize my global perspective by studying historical accounts of the nations that we are going to study. Awareness would also impose within the semester to help students to become extra sensitive to the culture and society of the developing nations that will be studied.In my marketing course, awareness, sensitivity, and logic are the most important factors that we need to obtain to justify our thoughts and reasoning. Because Semester at Sea can help me acquire more knowledge and skills about these factors, it would become a better contribution to my academic goals and perspectives. In general, I can say that Semester at Sea could help me understand everything that is beyond my reach because it caters awareness and acquisition that are important to its students. ReferenceSemester at Sea. 2007. Message from the Chief Executive Officer Emeritus. 3 December 2007. <>

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