Bible Studies Questions & Answers CWV Topic 3 SG

Summarize Isaiah 59:1-2.
-Our problem is internal (sinful nature)
-Our sinful nature separates us from God
-God can save everyone and hears everyone
Judges 21:25 says “In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Deut 12:8; Prov 12:15, 26:12). What does this refrain indicate about the spiritual state of the people?
The people had a weak moral compass and allowed themselves to succumb to temptations
What is the prophecy in Genesis 3:15 known as and what does it mean?
It is known as “protoevangelium” or “the first good news”
Crushing of serpent’s head
A main idea, according to the textbook, is that the history of humanity is characterized by a departure from what?
departure from wisdom
Which book of the Bible begins with the story of Moses?
What kind of prayer is found in Nehemiah 9 and how does it contrast God and the people?
It is a prayer of confession of sin.

The Israelites were selfish and unfaithful, while God was gracious and merciful

Although created in the image of God, humanity became sinful by nature after the Fall.

How extensively does this original sin or depravity affect us according to Romans 3:10-23

Humanity was created to have life, but the fall introduced death to humanity, tainting it with sin
How did the Fall (sin of Adam and Eve) affect the world according to Genesis 3:16-19
Free choice results in human morality being tainted in sin and death
All humanity is guilty of sin.

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There is hope (through god)

What metaphor does the textbook use to describe idolatry?
an unfaithful spouse
According to the textbook, what was the primary message of the Old Testament prophets?
to get people to flee from idolatry and return to God
List the names of Israel’s first three kings.
Saul, David, Solomon
After Israel divided into the northern kingdom and the southern kingdom, the southern kingdom of Judah endured much longer but eventually fell to what nation?
Judah fell to Babylon
According to the textbook, the wisdom literature (Job through Ecclesiastes) has what central theme?
God was faithful to his covenant promises, despite people’s unfaithfulness
According to this topic’s assigned reading, “The Mystery of Original Sin: We Don’t Know Why God Permitted the Fall, But We Know All Too Well the Evil and Sin That Still Plague Us,” by Marguerite Shuster, what is the problem with the world?
Genesis 3 is a representation of the world we live in. Seemingly inconsequential choices, unbelief, and pride are our on-going struggle. We are corrupt.
According to that same Shuster article, why might God want us “to believe, trust, and obey him even when there is not a reason to do so that we can wrap our minds around?”
We cannot be all-knows as God, so it requires us to trust in him and put him at the center of our lives

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