The goods supplied to customers and the customer service provided is influenced by certain factors in UK.

The way that the products are sold:

Effects on customer service of regulating the nature and standards of products:

* Sale of Goods Act, 1979 – the product must be sold according to the description and satisfactory quality also fit for purpose. For example at Thorpe Park they cannot advertise the tickets for a certain price and sell it at different price at the gates.

* Supply of Goods and Services Act, 1982 – services must be at merchantable value and at practical rates.

For example if customers book for two tickets and they only have 1 ticket given.

* Food Safety Act, 1990 – the food must be quality and up to standards. For example at Thorpe park restaurants they cannot sell food which is decayed or has passed its sell by date.

Not all of these are linked with Thorpe Park but the Food Safety Act is an important because there are restaurants in the park which supply food to customers at Thorpe Park.


The price displays are also very important and there is a law for this too. The Prices act 1974 and 1975 is controlling the price displays. They require prices to be indicated on goods or services offered by businesses. It is illegal for Thorpe Park to mislead the customers by displaying wrong pries for entering the park and using the rides.

Age restrictions

Varies legislations restricts sales on products to children. These products are such as tobacco, alcohol and lottery tickets.

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This also does not apply to Thorpe Park.

The ways that the products are advertised and promoted are also a part of legislation. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is an authority which controls advertising in UK. Advertisements must be legal, decent, honest and truthful, prepared with responsibility of customers and society and in the line with fair competition. The ASA has the power to force a business to remove their advertisement. Thorpe Park must comply with this advertising and promotion law. They need to be honest about their park and rides to show that they care for their customers and they are reliable.

There are many laws which control what information a business should provide for their customers on their products. Thorpe Park must comply with these laws. They must provide information about their rides for their customers. For example they must make sure that height restrictions are clearly written where customers can see.

Not complying with legislation and implications

If a business does not comply with legislation they may need to face some negative effects.

The criminal law

There is some legislation which is covered by criminal law and if the business breaks the laws they will be a criminal offence and the business is then forced to be:

* Prosecuted

* Fined

* People responsible may be imprisoned

Some of the main criminal laws in UK are:

* Trade Descriptions Act 1968 – an Act of which prevents manufacturers, retailers or service industry providers from misleading consumers as to what they are spending their money on.

* Consumer Protection Act 1987 – this act affect the producer of the product not the supplier and it allows the person injured to contact authorities about the damage that has been made to them.

* Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994 – under this act the customers are expected to be entoleted to the goods which should be satisfactory quality, fit for any particular purpose made known to the seller; and the good is as it was described.

These acts also affect Thorpe Park. For example the trade descripcitions act prevents Thorpe Park to promote the attraction by misleading customers by saying that there are rides which cannot be found at the Park. The Consumer Protection Act also affects Thorpe Park because if a customer is injured on rides they have the right to complain about this. The Sale and Supply of Goods Act affects the Park by making sure that they check all rides everyday so they are sure that it does work properly and it is also a health and safety procedure also to make sure they work as a part of the quality and they will have to make sure the rides are as they have been described to the customers.

Other negative effects it may have on business are that the products may be seized at the court, the business activity may be restricted, and the image of the business may be damaged.

Thorpe Park must comply with legislation because it is a very big business and very popular in UK. They need to make sure that their image is not affected by anything. They need to make sure that their business is running smoothly without any implications.

Safe Working

Businesses have to operate in a safe environment; they must have policies to ensure the safety and security aspects. For Thorpe Park safety at work is a big issue. The business is responsible for safety of customers, visitors, personnel and security procedures.

Safety of Customers

Businesses must make sure that their customers are safe and secure. A business must be sure that the products they sell are safe and legislation is there to prevent businesses selling harmful products. Business which provides harmful products may pay fines or other penalties.

Machinery is particularly important for safety purposes. The business must be definite that the machinery is fitted and operates and there are no electrical faults. Thorpe Park has various rides and they are responsible for safety of customers by making sure that the rides are functioning properly. They do this by testing the rides on daily basis. Thorpe Park is also responsible of making sure that the staffs are trained so in an emergency they are there to provide help and make sure the customers are secured when on the rides.

Safety of Customers and Visitors

A business is liable for safety of its customers and visitors. If there is a visitor at the premises they need to be sure that the visitor is safe. Staff also needs to be trained for emergency purposes.

Thorpe Park is liable to make sure that their staff is trained. They train their staff for facts such as first aid, evacuation procedures, using the rides and other safety points.

Safety of Personnel

It is imperative that the staff at a business is safe. If a staff is injured at work they have the right to:

* Take time off

* Covered by other workers during their absence

* Become less motivated

* Return and become less productive

* Lave altogether

* Sue the business and claim compensation

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is the legislation which protects the employees.

For a business like Thorpe Park they have a major liability for the safety of their personnel. They must make sure that the working environment is safe and employees are not injured.

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