An additional method in which Disneyland Paris helps to maintain high levels of customers is by focusing of queues is by providing customers who have not purchased a fast pass with entertainment, therefore making the queuing part of the Disneyland experience. Disneyland Paris also has to maintain the good corporate image of the Disneyland Company as a whole; Disneyland is known for charm in its welcome, efficiency and cleanliness. These standards are being followed by Disneyland Paris. Part of the Disneyland image also comes from communication systems; all cast members are encouraged to communicate with customers whenever possible.

Each special customer group has a team, which deals directly with their needs, for example, groups, conventions, school parties, special needs, etc.

All cast members are trained to communicate with positive body language and with a smile on their face or in terms of the telephone with their voice. This will help customers feel welcomed and comfortable around cast members, thus, increase customer satisfaction and in turn the high quality of customer service will be maintained.

As all cast members are trained to a high standard, they are also all given a handbook on all aspects of the complex, so any cast member should be able to give sales assistance and advice. It is important in customer care that consideration is given to all budgets. At both shops and restaurants you will find a wide variation in prices to meet every pocket.

Paragraph On Customer Service

This will help to increase and maintain Disneyland’s high level of customer service as it will give customers a wide variety of quality and prices to choose from which in turn, will make customers feel valued and have all their needs catered for, this consequently, will increase customer satisfaction.

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The analysis of customer service quality is of major importance to Disneyland Paris. Therefore, each year Disneyland creates a full appraisal which involves all aspects of the organisation. Disneyland Paris is a labour intensive organisation and therefore assessment of employees is a major part of any appraisal but equally important are aspects such as VFM, maintaining safety, and maintaining the magic. This would consequently be important when maintaining a high standard of customer service as if cast members knew what they had achieved and been given goals and targets to achieve they would be better motivated and in turn would provide a high level of customer service as they would have some purpose at Disneyland. In personnel terms points to consider would be reliability of service, consistency of service, staffing levels, provision for individual and special needs and qualities of the staff. Customer care is therefore at forefront of all the operations of Disneyland Paris, from the development of new attractions and services to the individual attention to detail and specific adaptations and facilities for guests with special needs.

It would also be vital to the success of Disneyland Paris that they monitor the high quality of customer service they provide. In order to achieve this Disneyland carries out a number of methods to monitor customer service. The first an only method in which Disneyland Paris can monitor customer service is by; gathering information from customers about the level of customer service in which had been provided. In order to achieve this and gain this vital information they ask customers to fill out a short questionnaire at the end of their holiday to evaluate their stay in the Disneyland Resort. From this information Disneyland Paris can evaluate what customers on a whole feel and identify areas which they need to improve and which areas they need to maintain. This will successfully monitor the level of customer service provided and help to increase and maintain a high standard of customer service.

Improving Customer Service

After analysing this information about how Disneyland Paris monitor and maintain customer service I have concluded some possible suggestions as to how the current procedures can be changed or altered. Firstly, I have identified that Disneyland Paris could improve the customer service through providing high achieving staff with either bonuses to pay or a range of fringe benefits. These fringe benefits may include a good pension plan or reduced health care. I have identified that as Disneyland are short of money, these are fairly low cost bonuses for cast members to receive, however, these bonuses will help to increase the motivation of cast members as they will feel like a valued member of the team and will generate high satisfaction once these goals and targets have been met, thus, providing and maintaining the high standard of customer service Disneyland offers.

I have also identified that Disneyland could implement a new method of monitoring the level of customer service provided in and around the Disneyland Resort. I believe that Disneyland should introduce regular staff meetings in order to discus how cast members feel the level of customer service could potentially be hindered and set in place methods to ensure these problems do not arise and affect the level of customer service which Disneyland provide.

This would be the case as cast members who do the job day-in day-out would be able to spot things which managers higher up may not spot. This would also lead to cast members feeling more valued as they are helping the success of Disneyland Paris as a company not just working for them. As cast members would feel more valued this would lead to an increase in motivated for cast members and in turn would lead to an increase in customer service, thus, maintaining the level of customer service.

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