Commercialization Of Sports

1. Sports have exploded across the globe in every aspect to the game. The author says that commercial sports have become global in scope for two reasons. First, those who control, sponsor, and promote them seek new ways to expand markets and maximize profits. Second, transnational corporations with production and distribution operations in multiple countries can use sports as vehicles for introducing their products and services around the world. Many professional organizations now have games played in other countries and their merchandise is sold all over the globe.

Kids that have never even seen a professional American sport on television can own a Chicago Bulls shirt, I believe that this shows how powerful sports can be. Commercialization has also given many different people the chance to fulfill their dreams, without the sponsors covering many costs some people will not be able to participate in the big events to be noticed. Players’ salaries have been one of the biggest positive impacts, for players at least, since commercialization has become big.

While there are probably more positive than negative impacts of commercialization in sports, there are still some negatives worth mentioning.

Media Commercialization Definition

Personally, the biggest negative aspect of commercialization is the craziness of advertising in sports. Racing is the biggest; you can barely tell the color of some of the cars because of all the decals on the cars. I believe that advertising and sponsors are necessary, but it gets carried away in some instances. The author mentions that commercialization changes the ways that sports are controlled.

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When sports depend on the revenues they generate, the control center in sport organizations shifts away from the athletes and toward those who have the resources to produce and promote sports.

Players have started to learn that they must answer to the sponsor first. 2. Media and commercialization are closely related topics in the sociology of sport. Commercial sports are unique in that they require the media to provide a combination of coverage and news. Media has become so important that sports promoters and team owners often go out of their way to accommodate reporters, commentators, and photographers. Because of commercial television, many changes in the ways that sports are organized, scheduled, and re-presented. I do believe that some parts to the media have gotten out of control. For a company to have to pay more than 2. 5 million dollars for a thirty-second commercial during the Super Bowl in asinine. I did find it interesting that the author states that males get 90% of the coverage in all the media, and images and narratives tend reproduce ideas and beliefs about gender. I agree with most of the authors major points he makes in the chapter. Some media outlets are dependent on sports and some sports are dependant on the media. The media has made many small colleges get that special athletic talent, because of their television coverage during a NCAA tournament or a NCAA bowl game. I think that they (media and sports) do wonders for each other.

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Commercialization Of Sports
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