Sports Management Statement Of Purpose

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Being coach of the football team has been my lifetime dream. It is my passion to excel in this field. Today I have achieved it, but that’s not the boundary towards achieving my lifetime goal. As a coach, I believe a career in football is not like the ball that goes around and around, but its beyond than that. Football coaching has a wide scope, and I choose to pursue my postgraduate studies in Sports Coaching and Development. I would prefer to explore more on this field as there is a bright room for self-improvement as a coach.

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I believe that studying and self-enhancing is a continuous process throughout a human’s life. It is my strong will to shine as a successful football coach and contribute towards this field. And if I’ve been offered to pursue in this field, it’s definitely going to be a dream come true. I will put on my full attention and efforts towards researching and upgrading techniques of coaching and development in football.

Coaching involves combination of strategy, techniques, motivation, team work, ideas and efforts towards achieving the same goal.

Through this course, I’m confident that I could upgrade my coaching skills especially in maintaining a healthy football team that moves competently. Each individual, referring to the coach has different types of team management and objectives. Thus I would like to grab this opportunity to meet up different types of people in this field to learn up new things, knowledge and experience which would be very helpful for me in the future.

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Meeting up football professionals, would definitely be an advantage n I would like to utilize it.

As Liverpool is known as the best city for football, I’m really looking forward in pursuing my masters there and broaden my knowledge along with experience. Furthermore, Malaysia is currently a developing country and it still has a long way to improve its quality in the football field. In Malaysia, new technologies in football are limited, lack of courses like sports science or sports management which are important in guiding and improving a football team.

These factors have been a barrier upon educating and developing Malaysian football players. Therefore, I would like to take this chance to improve my coaching skills and introduce usage of new technologies in coaching to improve our Malaysian football coaching and also the potential of Malaysian football players. As a Malaysian, it’s always been my responsibility to contribute towards our nation’s growth and development. I wish my contribution in future would help to boost up the world ranking of Malaysian football team. s

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Sports Management Statement Of Purpose
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